Wednesday, May 25, 2016





 We had a Sunday School lunch after church at the part by the Botanical Gardens




 And then it was time for Aaron's last Flag Football game




Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Phone Pictures

Abigail had a field trip this week to a park and splash pad!


Aaron with his friend and neighbor Luke



Abigail made a fire pit Saturday
Jory worked on the landscape this weekend

Flag football on Sunday



Flag Football



 I continue to be amazed by the camera my inlaws got me for my birthday.  Abigail plays about three football fields away from me during Aaron's game and I can barely see her with my naked eye, but my zoom tells me exactly what she's doing!





 How sweet are these pictures?  Again from FAR away





Thursday, May 12, 2016

Phone Pictures from Trip

 The night before our trip Abigail got her LadyBug magazine in the mail.  It's a monthly subscription my Mom gets the kids' for their birthdays.  She loves it!  Our kitchen was torn up, so we went to Wise Guys for dinner!


Ready to go
 First night swim
 The Walmart Museum in Bentonville (we didn't go in)
 Downtown Bentonville

 Downtown Fayetteville

There were flowers everywhere!
 My friend owns this cupcake shop and I was so excited to go!

A bookstore in Fayetteville
 Dinner at a Grilled Cheese restaurant in Fayetteville



Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day Trip

 This year, our Mother's Day Trip took us to Arkansas.  We spent two days at Mount Magazine State Park, a day in Bentonville and a day in Fayetteville.  This was the pool at the lodge at Mt. Magazine.  The pools were highlights.
 A model of the mountain

On a hiking trail








 The top of the mountain


View from the lodge
 A wild flower guided tour








We went to the Crystal Springs Art Museum in Bentonville.  It was great.  We had lunch in the restaurant and it was fabulous. 


One of Aaron's favorite paintings.  He LOVED the museum
 The kids' room

 The garden trails at the museum

 In Fayetteville we went to the University of Arkansas and the kids loved the library!

 The top picture shows you how far away I was, the bottom picture is zoomed in

 Fayetteville Botanical Gardens


So FUN!!!!