Sunday, June 30, 2013

Spitfire and Fun

Seeing Abby's big personality develop more every day is so amazing to us.
She is all kinds of fun.  She is laughing most of the time.  Real, big laughs.  And she'll do most anything to get a laugh out of you.
She introduces herself to everyone.  Usually by climbing up on their laps.  She believes everyone wants a little piece of Abby.
She dances, she sings and she draws with more intensity and focus than she does anything else. (By the way, this dress has Nemo on it and you'd better believe she will come right up to you and shout "Nemo!" and point to her dress when she's wearing it.)
When she wakes up in the morning she does cannonball jumps in her bed while yelling "Abby's Awake!  Abby's Awake!"
She runs around in circles.  She plays hard.  She swims hard.  She laughs hard.  She hugs hard.  She sleeps hard.
She keeps us on our toes and wanting more (most of the time).

Thursday, June 27, 2013


We just got back from a fabulous trip with my family to Myrtle Beach.  While we were out there I tried to find some picture from last year and realized I never blogged about our trip then.  So, it's a year late, but it was fun to compare what the kids looked like one year ago.
The above picture is right before we left for the airport.  Below is our first morning in Myrtle.  The kids loved the pools at our place.  We stayed in the same place this year.

The view from our balcony.
Abby loved to watch the ocean from the balcony and that was the same this year. Look how much her hair has grown!
Grandma with Abby and Leah
I think it's funny that both my kids are still wearing the swim suits they wore last year/

Both kids loved to play in the sand and still do!

Most of the crew waiting for dinner

What a Crew!

Last morning! I loved that dress.  It was Katie Grace's.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I could just eat up the cuteness

 Look!  Dolphins!
 OH, that hair!
 Abby LOVES her prayer book.
 It goes with her everywhere.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

Abby found this bucket that I had taken to Aaron's class at Easter.  She told me she was going on an Easter Egg Hunt.  She and Aaron have been reading Johnny Tractor's Easter Egg Hunt a lot.
So she collected rocks and called them eggs!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Minnie Mouse

Abby is very into Minnie Mouse right now.
I think this is so precious because it is the first thing she has taken a liking to on her own.
She likes everything her brother likes, though she does have a little bit of independence in that her favorite Thomas characters are Luke and Toby versus Aaron's of Percy and Henry.
Side note that both of my kids are head over heels with the Thomas franchise, but neither of them actually care about Thomas the character.
Anyway, Abby loves Minnie Mouse and I love that.
And Aaron's just letting her love it.  He's not getting all into "I love it, too".  It's just her thing.
She also really likes Donald and Daisy and Micky, but Minnie has her heart!

Sweet Summer Time

 We have the most awesome Snow Cone Stand right by our house.  It is a town landmark and everyone talks about it and it's so busy all summer and we really only go once a year, but it's still cool to know it is there.
 It was announced right before Summer that due to some City Regulations it could not reopen and was permanently shuttered.  There was enormous Public Outcry.  I'm not kidding.
 So a three year permit was granted and everyone calmed down and the stand officially opened Sunday at 1pm.
 I felt obligated to go.  The wait was SOOOO long.   SOOOO long.  But still. Had to do it.

 And now we can officially say Summer has begun.

First Day of Summer!

I dressed Abby in this cute beach dress for the first day of summer this week,
but I got horrible pictures.
Aaron was in a cute summer outfit, too, but that's him crawling on the couch to get away from the camera!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Family Fun Saturday

This week's Family Fun Saturday looked exactly like last week's!
We headed to the Library to claim more prizes for the Summer Reading Program.  This is Aaron in his new Flip Flops.  He is SOOOO into his flip flops.  Oh my.  This is also his new Myrtle Beach T-shirt which I am so thankful for because he wore the dog out of the one he got last year and was still insisting on wearing it constantly.
Thomas books at the Library!
We love the Library

We got two more meals at Cotton Patch, but I took pictures there with my camera and I haven't downloaded them yet.
 After nap we ran an errand and played outside.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Family Fun Saturday

On Saturday morning we headed to the library as soon as it open.
The Summer Reading Program has started and Aaron has already read two of the three levels, so he was anxious to pick up his prizes.

They were so impressed that he had done so much in only eight days (since it's a summer program and all).
He got two Kids Meals from Cotton Patch so we headed there for lunch.
And, I must say, watching Abby eat is pure joy.  That girl loves her food.
It shows up and she's all, "Yum! Yum! Yum!" Which she repeats as she is eating the food.  And she savors every bite.  The girl eats forever.
And she will eat gravy with a spoon.  This sweet child was born Southern.