Sunday, June 30, 2013

Spitfire and Fun

Seeing Abby's big personality develop more every day is so amazing to us.
She is all kinds of fun.  She is laughing most of the time.  Real, big laughs.  And she'll do most anything to get a laugh out of you.
She introduces herself to everyone.  Usually by climbing up on their laps.  She believes everyone wants a little piece of Abby.
She dances, she sings and she draws with more intensity and focus than she does anything else. (By the way, this dress has Nemo on it and you'd better believe she will come right up to you and shout "Nemo!" and point to her dress when she's wearing it.)
When she wakes up in the morning she does cannonball jumps in her bed while yelling "Abby's Awake!  Abby's Awake!"
She runs around in circles.  She plays hard.  She swims hard.  She laughs hard.  She hugs hard.  She sleeps hard.
She keeps us on our toes and wanting more (most of the time).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's our ABBY!!!!!

We love you, Dee & Papa

Thanks for spending the weekend with us. What FUN we had!!!