Monday, March 24, 2014


 We met my sweet friend Charity from Tyler on Saturday in Terrell at the outlet mall.  We shopped for a bit and then ate lunch at Applebee's.  It was fabulous to catch up with her.  The kids had a great time.  This was Jory's Saturday to work this month and we planned this trip a few months ago, so I have been looking so forward to it.
 The kids played with the Lego table in the Carter's store.  Aaron loves his friend Abigail.  He had not seen her in a while and was very excited about today.

The kids rode the car toys before we left.

 That's always one of our favorite parts of Terrell.



Sunday, March 23, 2014



She got this Tinkerbell dress from one of my friends and she Loves it!

This is her eating an orange at Pei Wei this week.  We had a free meal and we went while we were waiting for Aaron to get out of school.


She is so funny.  She did great on Aaron's field trip.  It was weird to see that she was bigger than several of Aaron's classmates who are two years older than she is. 



Aaron's class took a field trip to the Fort Worth Zoo on Friday and Abby got to go, too!  (Her dress has a giraffe on it.)


Aaron as he got off the bus.  He loves riding the bus. 


 Eating lunch at the zoo.


Looking at the elephants

The new baby elephants

We had a really good time!  It was such a fun field trip.  Aaron said the tigers were his favorite part. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Aaron's well check

Aaron had his five year old well check this week.  It was quick and uneventful.  He's doing great and he impressed me with how well he answered the doctor's questions.  He is very articulate. 


 He's 47 inches tall and weights 44 pounds.  So he's 99th percentile for height and about 70th for weight.  He's as tall as an average 6+ year old and he wears the same shoe size as an average 7-8 year old.
He is sweet and smart and loves projects.  I just asked him what he loves and he said, "pasta, pizza, race tracks, mama, Bravo and Echo, mixed rice, the movie Planes and I love candy but I don't eat it always and I love Daddy and my sister Abby."

First Day of Spring

Monday was the First Day of Spring and I picked out what I think is the Springiest dress Abby has for her to wear.  (It's a pink striped Gymboree dress that used to be her cousin's). 

 However, she informed me that the dress I chose didn't have any Spring on it!

So she picked this dress and pointed out all the Spring on it.


 I dressed Aaron Springy, too.  He didn't argue with my choice.  :)



Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I took these pictures at swim on Monday.  I hadn't gotten a picture of Aaron in green yet.
He wore a sweater over his shirt in the morning when it was cool.  I really like it, but he didn't want pictures before school.
After swim.  He did a great job in swim.  He's in a hard class and he is impressing me every week.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


On Saturday morning we had a family breakfast at Panera
And then we headed to Dee and Papa's house where the kids planted tomatoes.

On Sunday we were in charge of Sunday School breakfast and I made pineapple upside down cake (and potatoes) because that's normal.
On Sunday night Aaron got to watch a movie that he bought with his birthday gift card from Uncle Eric
On Monday the kids wore green.  Aaron wore his Dragons shirt and Abby wore the same dress she wore last year. 
She had to have been swimming in it last year.  I think it was the only green we had!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Just some days

Spring Break was pretty lazy for us.  On Monday we went to the mall for a bit and on Tuesday we celebrated Aaron's birthday, but mostly Spring Break was a normal week for us with the kids home.  This is Abby before swim on Wednesday.
On Thursday we went to Target to spend the birthday gift cards the kids got from their undles. 
They are SO into having gift cards and picking out what to spend them on. 

They really think it through and they end up so proud and happy with their choices.

Dee came on Thursday and got some reading time in and some good outside play time.

On Friday I took the kids to a Thai Restaurant I have been wanting to try since we moved here.


Aaron loves Asian food. 
Abby just loves food.
Abby took a super long nap on Friday and Aaron and I sat outside and read new books.



Then he folded laundry!

This is Abby in a dress Papa picked out for her a long time ago.  It is super cute.



It is so sweet when the kids are both home!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekend Fun

Last Saturday we drove around different parts of Dallas

And then we ate at a pizza place we had heard great things about.

 The kids were playing while Daddy ordered.
 Aaron's down there somewhere
 So is Abby



Abby loved the pizza


This girl just loves to eat.  She is constantly, constantly asking to eat.

That night Aaron folded laundry for the first time.  He was seriously so proud.  You have no idea.  I was twitching a bit, but Jory kept telling him how great he was doing.  :)