Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Aaron's Actual Birthday


 My first born turned five on Tuesday and after Elizabeth Huffman taught him to show five fingers for his birthday party pictures he spent all of Tuesday doing that!  This is first thing in the morning.


 We went to breakfast with Jory before work.  We took Aaron to Main Street Bread Bakery which he loves and he picked out a blueberry muffin to take home and eat later.




 After that we hit Chuck E Cheese (early because it is Spring Break).  Aaron has told me he wants to go to Chuck E Cheese on his birthday every year.  Several friends have met us there each year and they are so sweet to brave the crazy time. 




 When we walked in Aaron announced that it was his birthday and they gave him free tokens. 



 He and Caleb had such a good time racing each other.

 Aaron brought cupcakes for his friends that he had made himself.  He handed each one out individually and was so proud and sweet to thank everyone for sharing his birthday with him.



 He asked to get a lollipop for his birthday treat


After Chuck E Cheese we headed to Toys R Us where Aaron got to spend a gift card he had gotten at his party last week.  He was so cute.  He looked at everything and weighed his options.




He finally chose two Melissa and Doug items.  They were buy one, get one 40% off so he scored.  He got a four pack of Dinosaur puzzles and a train craft/painting kit.



He set right to work on those puzzles

After naps he had fun with his sister

It was a sweet birthday

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