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Aaron is at a stage where I feel he is growing up before my eyes. It was not so long ago that he said everywherey instead of everywhere. Water was wa wa, rocks were ro ros, yogurt was baby and all trucks were bigs. And while I am thrilled to watch him grow (and improve his vocabulary), I get a bit misty eyes watching my baby disappear.At this moment, he is downstairs by himself watching a movie. A few short months ago he wouldn't have been able to handle that (and I would have been a wreck wondering what he was really doing). He plays outside alone a lot. I look at Abby and think 'will she ever be able to be left alone outside?' I know the answer is yes, but it is amazing to watch how quickly our babies turn to children.
Aaron's funny stage for us right now is that he doesn't have a concept that if you are in a room with Person A and Person B and you say something to Person A, Person B heard it. You don't need to repeat it for Person B. Example: "Mom, can I go outside?" "Yes, you need to go up and get your shoes." "Dad, Mom said I can go outside. I need to go up and get my shoes." Another example was when Jory asked Aaron if he had done his inhaler. Aaron looked at me and asked if he had done his inhaler. I said yes. He then turned to Jory and said, "Mom said yes."
Aaron is also very expressive with his hands right now when he is telling us something very important. I get a kick out of that. And when he's telling us something not as urgent, he'll lean up against the wall and cross his feet and just chill while he relays the story. We have really been enjoying Aaron lately. Three is not without its struggles, but it is also a rewarding time of being able to spend fun quality time together. Aaron really wants to share everything with us. He wants us to be a part of everything. Participating in life with him is a thrill.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Aaron's Monthly Interview

It's a few days late, but here is Aaron's 37 Month old interview: What is your name? Aaron
How old are you? Three
What is your favorite color? Blue
Who is your best friend? Daddy
What is your favorite animal? Moose
What do you want to be when you grow-up? A firefighter
Who is your favorite person? Dad
What is your favorite book? Backhoe Book
What makes you happy? Dad
What makes you sad? When I don't obey
What is your favorite food to eat? Big Boy Cereal
What is your favorite song to sing? Jesus Loves Me
What do you like to play? With a stick

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Fourteen Months Old!

Today is Abby's Fourteen Month Birthday! She is at such a fun stage - though definitely a stage that requires constant supervision! She is full of laughter and loves to make others laugh. She is constantly trying to talk, but she doesn't have very many words we understand yet. She is walking more, but is quite inefficient at it so she often resorts to crawling - she's a speed demon there!She wears 18 month clothing, but I think she just had a growth spurt. Suddenly - and I mean suddenly - her pants are too short and her arms are too tight. I see a closet reorganization in my near future as she enters 24 month clothes. She wears size 3 diapers.
She sleeps from about 6pm until 6am. She naps for about an hour early in the morning and an hour and a half after lunch. She is a non-picky eater and she eats a lot. She still nurses a couple of times a day but is becoming less consistent with that.

She loves books and she loves to be outside!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Some more pictures from Easter

Abby with her bunny ears.

Aaron so excited with his egg hunting.

And Aaron chilling with the bunny.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another Dress

I put Abby in another dress of mine that my grandmother had made. It's short, too, but I loved her in it!

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Easter Pictures - Abby

Abby got a cute Spring purse with a comb in it. Kim was so impressed that Abby knew exactly what to do with the comb!

First things first, where's breakfast?
Abby was a champion Easter Egg Hunter! She required no assistance in finding eggs, depositing them to her bucket, opening them and eating the goods!
I love her dress from Kathy! It's one of my all time favorites of hers.

A little walking help from Grandma

Sweet girl and her bucket

Enjoying the treats!

Tired after a busy morning!

Easter Pictures - Aaron

Aaron started his Easter in the traditional way - watching backhoes with Papa!And having breakfast.
He got a nice basket.
But he was SO ready to go outside for The Easter Egg Hunt!
What I got when I said "just look normal"
Better? Grandma Sheri sent Aaron this outfit and I loved it, so we all went with blue and green to match him!
The hunt begins!
Got one!
Eating the goodies!

Good Friday

I Love Good Friday. Last year was extra special because Jory was off work that day, but this year the kids and I enjoyed the day together.
Aaron was excited about our day!We went to Central Market which is one of Aaron's favorite places (because of the free cheese samples).
Aaron was feeding Abby yogurt after lunch and had it all over her which they both thought was funny. My premonition regarding that is why they are shirtless.
Abby woke up first from the afternoon nap and found Aaron's bounty from his Easter Egg Hunt at school on Thursday.
Aaron had a special swim lesson and Abby just hung out as chill as could be.
The kids got Easter Buckets in the mail from Grandma Sheri and Grandpa Tom! Abby loved hers,
but she also loved her brother's Mater!
Aaron LOVED his Mater bucket. Loved, loved, loved.
And his excavator shirt. You'd think those grandparents know him!
Daddy got to come home early! His boss closed the office around 3 for Good Friday. Aaron had gotten an Easter book from Grandma Beth and couldn't wait for Daddy to read it to him!
Happy Easter, Everybody!