Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fourteen Months Old!

Today is Abby's Fourteen Month Birthday! She is at such a fun stage - though definitely a stage that requires constant supervision! She is full of laughter and loves to make others laugh. She is constantly trying to talk, but she doesn't have very many words we understand yet. She is walking more, but is quite inefficient at it so she often resorts to crawling - she's a speed demon there!She wears 18 month clothing, but I think she just had a growth spurt. Suddenly - and I mean suddenly - her pants are too short and her arms are too tight. I see a closet reorganization in my near future as she enters 24 month clothes. She wears size 3 diapers.
She sleeps from about 6pm until 6am. She naps for about an hour early in the morning and an hour and a half after lunch. She is a non-picky eater and she eats a lot. She still nurses a couple of times a day but is becoming less consistent with that.

She loves books and she loves to be outside!


Beth said...

I'm glad my last dress of that exquisite Carter's deal was a 24 month one (it hasn't been sent yet---I was waiting for this summer,thinking it'd be awhile before she hit that size).
Adorable post and update!:>)

Anonymous said...

Sweetest Girl Ever!

Love you, Dee