Thursday, June 30, 2016

Aaron's First Basketball Game




Some Pictures

We are having a VERY low key summer!  Lots of lounging around the house, playing outside and reading.  I have taken hardly any pictures (though I do have some on my camera from Aaron's first basketball game to download).  We have done a bit of swimming and we went to the splash pad, but again, I've come out from behind the camera!  Here is all I have.
 Working on Daddy's Father's Day Card and our Annual Father's Day Lunch



Aaron's first basketball practice


Waiting for Sis to get her hair cut

LOTS of reading
 Cotton Patch with our Library Earned Certificate



Thursday, June 16, 2016

Some Summer Fun




 If it was up to Abigail we would go to the park every day of her life.  Summers are nice because she doesn't have to share the park with anyone!

 When we got to church on Sunday, Mrs. Pearson told us at check in that we were all wearing green and blue.  We had no idea.  She took a picture for us!

 A baby shower after church
 Cookie making

 Swimming at Dee and Papa's
 Setting the table for Mama's MIA Steering Dinner


New dress from Dee and Papa


Thursday, June 9, 2016

The First Week of Summer

I have taken almost no pictures and these have been with my phone. I've got to get it together.  We had a great time swimming with our friends yesterday and we had other friends over to play today and I didn't even pull out the camera.  But for the most part, we've been easing into summer this year. 
Last day of school parties
Grapevine Library Summer Reading Kickoff.  Abigail has already read her 25 books for that program!


Testing the rockers at Cracker Barrel




Southlake Summer Kickoff.  Aaron has logged over 400 minutes since Saturday in this Summer Reading Program!



Balloon Art.  Abigail and I had Saturday together while the boys were at an Ecuador Planning Meeting


Sunday School Lunch at Feedstore

Football Camp!!!



Southlake Library Meet and Greet with Paw Patrol


Books and hot chocolate, of course!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

End of the School Year


I dress Abigail in the same outfits the first week of school and the last week of school.  You can really see how much she's grown when you look back!
 She had her end of school year party yesterday.



 LOVE LOVE LOVE Mrs. Kaczmarski.  Both of my kids had her for Pre-K 4.  She is leaving after this year and I feel so bad for the families who have younger siblings coming through who had counted on having her.  She is amazing. 



Last Day of School










Wednesday, June 1, 2016


I apparently don't download my phone pictures very often.  This is from Abigail's choir concert at church.  It was a few weeks ago.  It was precious.  Beg me to show you the videos!

Field Day!  This was a couple of weeks ago.  Aaron with his favorites, Luke and Preston!


Abigail in a Christmas Dress for a May day at the park

The grand opening of our friends' restaurant in Hurst!

Shopping in Terrell with our good friends.  Aaron wanted pictures with all the Nike Store pictures
Also in Terrell

After swim.  Again in her Christmas dress from Grandma Sheri.  She loves it a lot.

Reading Mama's book


Last week of school
The doctor for an ear infection :(