Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer of Fun, Days 23 and 24 (We're home!)

Whew!  We've had a fun weekend!  And we worked it around two kids who took three hour (!) naps both days!  On Saturday morning we went to the Farmer's Market to stock up since we didn't have a Co-op basket this weekend.  Then in the evening we went to a swim party with our Sunday School class.  The party started in the living room and Aaron LOVED their train table!  Abigail took to their riding toys!



We love Hudson!

Then it was outside for swimming and a good, old fashioned cook out!  SO much fun! 


 As we were getting out of the car at home I heard the ice cream truck.  We have NEVER been a position to meet the ice cream truck so I was super excited.  I even had my purse on me since we were just getting home.  And I had cash from going on a trip.  Double YAY.
 So my crazy kids that have never had this experience took FOREVER looking at the menu on the side of the ice cream truck.  I was convinced the guy was going to drive off.  But they eventually chose some really fun ice cream - in the shapes of Bugs Bunny and Batman on sticks.


Sunday was church.  This is Jory's favorite dress of Abigail's.

 For dinner we went to Cracker Barrel.

Fun, fun, fun.

Random Pictures and Thoughts






Summer of Fun, Day 22 (Family Vacation Last Day)

This was the day we got off the ship.  We all ate breakfast as a family and then we went our separate ways.  We were headed to the airport.  This is Abigail being an Alien which she learned in Adventure Ocean.  It's really loud and pretty constant.
We had to wait a really long time at the airport.  Thank goodness we had all day!  My kids broke out the snacks and copped a squat.
We had lunch at On the Border

Abigail fell asleep watching a movie on the plane.  Our kids don't sleep on planes and they've never fallen asleep during activities and they both did on this flight.  We wore them out!

And then they woke up!
What a fun trip!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer of Fun, Day 21 (Cruise Day 4)

We ate breakfast in a different restaurant this morning.

 This was the last full day of the cruise and the ship was at sea, so the pool was really crowded.  We swam in the morning but found some other things to do in the afternoon.  This is Uncle Doug teaching Aaron corn hole. 

Late afternoon, the kids went to Zoo Day at Adventure Ocean.  Aaron came back as a tiger!

 Dancing before dinner

Summer of Fun, Day 20 (Cruise Day 3)

 This was the day the ship was in the Bahamas.  We did not get off and it was nice because the kids were able to swim without the pool being crowded.  We had a really sweet morning with the cousins.

 Before dinner
 Dancing with Daddy before dinner
 We had family pictures made after dinner, then...

 We had ice cream!

Summer of Fun, Day 19 (Cruise Day 2)

 I tried to take a picture at breakfast but the sun was too bright.  It was beautiful eating by the sea.  My kids were so excited about this day - Beach Day!  We were at the ship's private island.



 The kids had so much fun playing in the ocean



They built a sand castle with their Daddy

 The kids were exhausted so I bribed them to take a nap.  It worked and they got Ben and Jerry's before dinner!

 These were some happy kids
 They went to dinner with Adventure Ocean that night while we went to a fantastic Adult Only Dinner at the Ship's Steak Restaurant.  I couldn't figure out my flash, so I didn't get any pictures of the family, but I used my phone and got a picture of Sheri's soup.
After dinner we had professional pictures made and my brothers picked me up.  I thought they were kidding.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer of Fun, Day 18 (Cruise Day 1)

We got up Monday morning and had breakfast at our houtel

 We had some time before we left so Aaron worked on Legos.  He loves to put a set together over and over.  I got him this small one for the plane that he can do three different ways.  He really enjoyed it on this trip. 
 Late morning we took a bus to the ship
 The first thing we did was check out the kids area and get the kids registered so they could come and go.
 The next thing we did was eat lunch!

 And then we swam!

 Aaron LOVES to watch the ship leave.  Abigail actually fell asleep in our room after swimming when we were getting changed, so Aaron and I went to watch the ship pull out.


 Here was the view in Florida


We explored the whole ship together and then it was time for dinner

 After dinner the kids went to Adventure Ocean (The Kids' Area) and Jory and I hung out together.