Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer of Fun, Day 18 (Cruise Day 1)

We got up Monday morning and had breakfast at our houtel

 We had some time before we left so Aaron worked on Legos.  He loves to put a set together over and over.  I got him this small one for the plane that he can do three different ways.  He really enjoyed it on this trip. 
 Late morning we took a bus to the ship
 The first thing we did was check out the kids area and get the kids registered so they could come and go.
 The next thing we did was eat lunch!

 And then we swam!

 Aaron LOVES to watch the ship leave.  Abigail actually fell asleep in our room after swimming when we were getting changed, so Aaron and I went to watch the ship pull out.


 Here was the view in Florida


We explored the whole ship together and then it was time for dinner

 After dinner the kids went to Adventure Ocean (The Kids' Area) and Jory and I hung out together.

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