Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer of Fun

I decided to do a little something fun for the kids each day this summer before they both go to school in the fall. Most days, it will be small stuff like sprinklers in the backyard, but I want to record their summer and I think this will be a fun way. 

Friday was officially the first day of our summer of fun.  It actually started off with a quick doctor's visit which is super fun if you count the stickers you get at the end.  I did find out that Abby weighs 36 pounds now and Aaron weighs 48.  They are actually getting into ranges that make more sense for their height which should really help with clothes buying, especially for Abby.

We headed to Fort Worth from the doctor's and met Daddy for breakfast.  It was soooo good.  Seriously good.  We all devoured our meals and the coffee was fantastic.  There was a coffee bar with all kinds.

We came home for naps and then headed to the Huffman's for swim time.  Aaron HAD to swim on the first day of summer.  He had given me a list of places where I could make that happen.  Luckily we got an invitation from Mrs. Huffman while we were at breakfast!


And after our swim we started our Summer of Fun with Baskin Robbins.  This is a super huge treat for my kiddos!

Abby wanted purple because she is into all things purple and the best I could do was something called Baseball Nut that had swirls of black raspberry.  It was really, really good. 





I had to go to the post office in Southlake Town Square and the kids asked to walk to their favorite toy store, The Owl's Nest.  I love to look at all the Dragon clothes they have there

And Abby loves to play

 Aaron goes around and window shops so I can make a list of things to keep in mind should I need to buy him a present!

 When we got home the kids insisted on wearing matching T-shirts to bed.  These are their Emler shirts they got for finishing swim this week.
 Then we had some play time before ending our Summer of Fun, Day One!

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