Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer of Fun, Days 3-6

What a fun several days we have had!
We had Worship Care in the Ones class on Sunday.  Aaron and I read lots of books to the little ones!

And then Uncle Doug came!  And Miss Kristen came so that the adults could go to dinner and the kids ordered pizza!  Pretty big Summer of Fun day/

On Monday we had Uncle Doug all day and it was awesome!  We went to the mall, played Monopoly and he bought the kids ice cream!

On Tuesday we had our first day of swim lessons with Mrs. Elliott

And we had gymnastics and a little more Uncle Doug time

AND we went to Central Market!
This was before bed on Tuesday.  I don't know.

Wednesday turned out really well.  Dee was supposed to come in the afternoon, but John's mom had surgery and Kim was unable to come.  I worried about what my summer of fun activity would be and then Julie called and invited us to swim in the afternoon!



It was SOOO fun and it was fantastic to see the kids enjoying it so much!

Aaron swam all around the pool, chasing Katie, diving for toys and just having fun!  I've never seen him swim so far.  He comes up for a breath and keeps going.



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