Sunday, January 27, 2013


It was REALLY nice here this week.  We had a lot of outside time. 

Aaron's allergies have been SO bad and that has made outside time hard, but this week he's done so much better.

 We are so blessed to have a fun park within walking distance.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

White Day

Abby had White Day at school Thursday. 

 Grandma Sheri gave her the precious patent leather shoes for Christmas. 

 She LOVES shoes.
 She gets out before Aaron, so she has some time to play.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Stock Show

Every year, John and Kim take the kids to the stock show.  They love to see the kids dressed Western.
 Aaron loves the farm equipment.
 Watching horses warming up.



Abby just really took it all in this year.


Watching Llamas

Pearl snap, boots, hat...the T-shirt underneath her shirt says 'Texas Angel'.

 Abby got to sit on the equipment too - whatever Aaron's doing!

It was cold today after some really nice weather this week, but we had a great time.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Random Pictures

I haven't taken many pictures lately which is strange for me.  And a lot of the ones I have are with my phone, so they aren't good.  But I wanted to post something on here.  Looking at my pictures from the last week gives me motivation to do better.

We went to Chuck E Cheese last week with Laura and Brock and met up with Rebekah, Cilla and Duke who were in town.  Those are some of my favorite people!  We had a fantastic time, but I didn't take hardly any pictures!
 Yesterday we had Play Group at the library.  Aaron has been begging to go to the library.  I feel like we lived there this summer, but didn't go at all in the fall. 
It was great.  My kids got on the computers for the first time.  We have always just read, but they do have some great interactive things on the computers.
 Abby playing music!
We were at Ann's house a couple of weekends ago.  This is Aaron about to slide into a pile of wet leaves.  Fun!
 Playing outside when it was cold.  I thought he looked so cute in his vest and gloves.
 Love this boy!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

23 Months Old!

One month from today, our Baby Girl will be TWO!  Impossible to believe.  She still seems like our baby!
This is the invitation for her birthday party.  It will actually be on her birthday.  We are doing red and white hearts as a theme.  Until she speaks up about birthday party themes, I'm going to be doing hearts since how easy is that with a February 15 birthday???

Abby is wearing 2T clothes, size 7 shoes and size 4 diapers.

She's gotten one new word, 'poop'.  It's so funny.  If she poops during her nap, when I go into her room she's pointing to her diaper saying 'poop'. Here are the words she has:
uh oh, oh, whoa, yes (yah), bug (buh), duck, out (uh), hello, apple, yuck yuck (yeh yeh), broken (bow), bow, Up (uh), Open (uh puh), More, Brother (brah tha), Woof Woof (woo woo), Bird (bow), book  (ba), Bubble, No, Dad (Da), Bus (Buh), Mom (Ma), Ball (Ba), Balloon (Ba), Diaper (Duh Buh), Poop (Poo)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Aaron's Monthly Interview

This is a picture of Aaron cleaning up after his sister
What is your name? Aaron
And this is him riding Thomas at the Train Show in Fort Worth
How old are you? Three
What is your favorite color? Green

Who is your best friend? Percy
And this is him after he rode his bike to the park!
What is your favorite animal? Crocodile
What do you want to be when you grow-up? A crocodile instead of a fireman

Who is your favorite person? I just telled you Percy

What is your favorite book? Thomas
What makes you happy? You

What makes you sad? Trouble
What is your favorite food to eat? Percy cookies or a Percy cake

What is your favorite song to sing? A funny one
What do you like to play? Percy

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dressing for December - Final Days

Thursday  December 27
You can't see this shirt very well, but it has sequined snow flakes on it.  I think it came from Kristi.
Friday, December 28
I thought this fuzzy sweater looked like such a snow bunny.  I put a red bow in her hair to make it more Christmas-like.  This was a bonus Christmas gift - Grandma Sheri got it for Leah but it was too small.  Score!
Saturday December 29
Kim had bought Abby and Aaron matching Christmas PJs.  We went to their house in the morning on the 29th for Christmas since we were gone over Christmas.  We put the kids in their pajamas for a Christmas Morning Feel. This is Abby on her present...
And Aaron playing with his!
Sunday December 30
This green velvet dress was Katie Grace's.  Looking back over the month I realized that my favorite outfits on Abby were all green.  I remember Julie (KG's mom) telling me that Abby looks really good in green.  I am going to remember that going forward!

 Monday December 31
For the last day, Abby for a Santa's Lil Helper shirt from Kristi. What a cute helper she was.

Chuck E Cheese

We met Ann and the kids at Chuck E Cheese Thursday and had the best time!  It was the first time Aaron did anything other than ride Bob the Builder and he was very into the games.  Those are his tickets!
There was some game where you try to time when you hit a button to land on the highest number of tickets.  Usually, it falls on the really low numbers.  Aaron, of course, wasn't timing anything but kept hitting 100 tickets.  He was so proud.
Lawrence was his buddy the whole time.  Aaron didn't want a thing to do with me.  Lawrence is SO good with my kids.  All of Ann's kids are.
Lawrence and Rachel carrying Aaton out!

What are you people doing?!?

Which is exactly what I said when I walked into the kitchen after having been gone for approximately two seconds and found this.
They do keep me on my toes.
And I can promise you that Abby got up here first.  Just saying.

Smoocked Swap

I am linking up with Kelly's Korner today for a smocked clothing swap sale.  In the comments, please indicate the item you would like to purchase and your Paypal email.  All prices include shipping!

Item 1:  Strasburg, 24 Months.  Includes slip and has pearls in the smocking.  $25
Item 2:  Anavina, 24 Months.  Fully lined.  Has a tiny hole under the smocking. $15
 Item 3:  Remember Nguyen, 12 months.  New with tags.  Longall.  $20
 Item 4:  Banana Split corduroy longall.  New with tags.  6 months.  $25