Tuesday, January 15, 2013

23 Months Old!

One month from today, our Baby Girl will be TWO!  Impossible to believe.  She still seems like our baby!
This is the invitation for her birthday party.  It will actually be on her birthday.  We are doing red and white hearts as a theme.  Until she speaks up about birthday party themes, I'm going to be doing hearts since how easy is that with a February 15 birthday???

Abby is wearing 2T clothes, size 7 shoes and size 4 diapers.

She's gotten one new word, 'poop'.  It's so funny.  If she poops during her nap, when I go into her room she's pointing to her diaper saying 'poop'. Here are the words she has:
uh oh, oh, whoa, yes (yah), bug (buh), duck, out (uh), hello, apple, yuck yuck (yeh yeh), broken (bow), bow, Up (uh), Open (uh puh), More, Brother (brah tha), Woof Woof (woo woo), Bird (bow), book  (ba), Bubble, No, Dad (Da), Bus (Buh), Mom (Ma), Ball (Ba), Balloon (Ba), Diaper (Duh Buh), Poop (Poo)


Beth said...

Love the invitation---esp. the way the hearts are.
I enjoy hearing about her words too. Wow! Almost 2!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Really pretty invitation - I thought for a minute it was a wedding :)
Also think the pic of Aaron sweeping up after Abby is about the sweetest thing ever!!