Saturday, June 30, 2012

More about Aaron

Given the choice, he almost always will choose a polo shirt over a t-shirt and pants over shorts.

He LOVES to help his daddy with whatever he is doing.
He still carries on conversations for everyone in the room.  I'll ask Jory what he wants for breakfast and Aaron will say, "Daddy, what do you want for breakfast?"  Jory will say, "Eggs and Toast" and Aaron will turn to me and say, "Daddy wants eggs and toast for breakfast, Mama."  Thank you, son.

He is very into 'fishies', whales, sharks and dolphins right now and they dictate most of our clothes buying.  Of course, nothing has usurped his love for backhoes.

Friday, June 29, 2012


On Jennifer Francis' blog this week she wrote:  As challenging as 3-years-old has been for us, it has been one of my favorite ages because of all the funny things Brody says on a daily basis! I've been trying to do a better job of writing down some of the funny things he says so that I can remember them years from now.
That's exactly how I feel.  Three took us by surprise because Aaron had been so easy, but a few months before he turned three things got challenging.  And some days have been so frustrating, but I still love 3!  I love how much he can express himself.  I love how funny he is.  And how sweet he is when he's being sweet.  I love seeing his personality and his opinions and his heart.

And, yes, he does say funny things every single day.  And I hardly ever right them down.  Unless they are super, super funny - then they make Facebook!
But I am going to start recording 'Aaronisms'!

I thought it was really funny when we were about to leave Myrtle Beach (where Aaron wanted to stay with Grandpa Tom) when I said "We're about to go to the airport" and Aaron responded, "Okay!  Be safe on the road!" I guess he wasn't coming.
My dad thought it was funny when Aaron asked where we were going to eat dinner that night.  Dad said, "A place called Hamburger Joe's" and Aaron responded something like, "Actually, I don't much care for hamburgers."

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Melt my heart

This is Aaron reading a book to Abby.  He has it memorized, so he was actually 'reading' it and after he read each page he would hold the book up to show Abby the pictures before turning the page!  It was sweet.  He just did it on his own.  He is very sweet to his little sister.  He does play too rough with her and there are times that he isn't kind, but he loves her.  When she is crying he wants to know what's wrong and he is very quick to offer solutions (and blankets and stuffed animals).

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

16 Months Old

Abby turned 16 months today.  She is a busy girl!
She is always on the go!  She loves to chase her brother around and she'll do whatever he is doing.  She loves, loves to be outside.
She LOVES books and will sit and read to herself.  She loves to be read to.

She says 'Uh Oh' when she drops something.  It is a sing-song sound that goes, 'Uh OH!'.  It's cute!  She also says 'Yeah.' in a very matter-of-fact way when you ask her if she wants something.

She is a big eater and likes everything, it seems.

She is wearing size 24 month clothes and size 4 diapers.  She is in the process of dropping her morning nap and she sleeps a couple of hours after lunch.  She sleeps 12 hours at night.  She loves to make people laugh.  She is a smiley girl and we love her!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

39 Month Interview

What is your name? Aaron Allen

How old are you? Three

What is your favorite color? Blue

Who is your best friend? Reagan

What is your favorite animal? Horses

What do you want to be when you grow-up? Firefighter

Who is your favorite person? Firefighter man. And I'm going to be a fire fighter when I grow up.

What is your favorite book? Cars

What makes you happy? Daddy

What makes you sad? When I get in trouble it makes me sad

What is your favorite food to eat? Cereal

What is your favorite song to sing? Jesus Loves Aaron

What do you like to play? Blankets

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Blogging Catchup

Earlier this week we went to Old Navy.  Aaron found this hat and put it on to show me!

We went to the library and Aaron and Abby both got free Happy Meals from McDonalds for completing the Summer Reading program.  Completing.  It took Aaron three days.  It's supposed to take three months.  My children LOVE books and they LOVE to be read to.  It is such a blessing!

We went to one of the sweetest stores in Grapevine and Aaron played with the resident dog, Barbie, while I shopped.
This weekend we went to see Daddy's new office.

Aaron's favorite part was looking out of the window of Jory's office.

On Sunday we visited Papa and Dee.  Aaron took a turn at swinging Abby.

And Abby was feeding toys to Sandie.

That night we had dinner at The Feed Store which is an awesome BBQ place in Southlake.  Love!

The kids got a little more play time in before baths!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Catching Up

Because I am horribly behind on Blogging, this is a dump of pictures I've taken over the last several days.  They are mostly of Aaron; Abby's were downloading while I was posting this.
Friday June 1, 2012
We met some friends at a very cool park in Keller.  There was a huge sandbox with all kinds of toys in it.  The kids LOVE a good sand box.  This was like beach sand.  It was fun.
Saturday June 2, 2012
We went to Dee and Papa's house in the morning to tell Dee 'Happy Birthday'.  We had pool time and then we grilled.  Aaron had a great time.  He also got some sandbox time in with Dee.

That night we took the kids to Freebirds.  We had just gone to the library to get Aaron some new books and he took them in with us.  This is Daddy reading to him, but the sweetest thing was when he was waiting for us to get the food and he was trying to read them himself and the guys at the next table helped him.

This is Aaron saying, 'I love Freebirds!' 

Sunday June 3, 2012
After naps we went to Stein Mart and Aaron pushed Abby all around the store.

Then he found these pillows with dogs on them and he just thought that was the greatest thing.

Monday, June 4, 2012
Aaron has had a lot of outside play time.  He even eats outside, he really doesn't come in except to sleep and go to the bathroom.

Tuesday June 5, 2012
Aaron said one side of the yard was the Big Kid Pool and the other side was the Baby Pool.  He was in the Big pool 'swimming'!