Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Blogging Catchup

Earlier this week we went to Old Navy.  Aaron found this hat and put it on to show me!

We went to the library and Aaron and Abby both got free Happy Meals from McDonalds for completing the Summer Reading program.  Completing.  It took Aaron three days.  It's supposed to take three months.  My children LOVE books and they LOVE to be read to.  It is such a blessing!

We went to one of the sweetest stores in Grapevine and Aaron played with the resident dog, Barbie, while I shopped.
This weekend we went to see Daddy's new office.

Aaron's favorite part was looking out of the window of Jory's office.

On Sunday we visited Papa and Dee.  Aaron took a turn at swinging Abby.

And Abby was feeding toys to Sandie.

That night we had dinner at The Feed Store which is an awesome BBQ place in Southlake.  Love!

The kids got a little more play time in before baths!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet time with family!
Congratulations Aaron on your summer reading. Dee & Papa are very proud of you!