Friday, June 29, 2012


On Jennifer Francis' blog this week she wrote:  As challenging as 3-years-old has been for us, it has been one of my favorite ages because of all the funny things Brody says on a daily basis! I've been trying to do a better job of writing down some of the funny things he says so that I can remember them years from now.
That's exactly how I feel.  Three took us by surprise because Aaron had been so easy, but a few months before he turned three things got challenging.  And some days have been so frustrating, but I still love 3!  I love how much he can express himself.  I love how funny he is.  And how sweet he is when he's being sweet.  I love seeing his personality and his opinions and his heart.

And, yes, he does say funny things every single day.  And I hardly ever right them down.  Unless they are super, super funny - then they make Facebook!
But I am going to start recording 'Aaronisms'!

I thought it was really funny when we were about to leave Myrtle Beach (where Aaron wanted to stay with Grandpa Tom) when I said "We're about to go to the airport" and Aaron responded, "Okay!  Be safe on the road!" I guess he wasn't coming.
My dad thought it was funny when Aaron asked where we were going to eat dinner that night.  Dad said, "A place called Hamburger Joe's" and Aaron responded something like, "Actually, I don't much care for hamburgers."


Anonymous said...

He is such a sweet little man.
Love the summer haircut!
Very handsome!
We love to hear him laugh & play. Commentary is extra fun!
Aaron we are blessed to have you!!!
Love, Dee & Papa

Beth said...

I can just see your dad crack up at that comment! I love the way Aaron phrased it:"Actually, I don't much care for hamburgers." not "I don't like hamburgers." I'm loving it!