Monday, November 20, 2017

Baseball, Ice Cream and Turkey

This was taken at Aaron's last baseball game.  We really made Andrew hold out that day, but it was worth it.
The kids had a perfect week at school and we got an ice cream treat to celebrate Friday

Also on Friday the kids had their Thanksgiving Lunch and my friend sent me this picture of Abigail and Josh Clendaniel.  Love these kids!
On Saturday our Sunday School class played baseball at the park!  It was a blast.







Thursday, November 16, 2017


I can't believe we are halfway through the month.  Thanksgiving is next week and Christmas lights are already up at so many places in our area!  The kids school is winding down for the holidays and they are gearing up for 10 days at home!  Here is what has been going on.

During Fun Run Week they had several fun days.  This was Crazy Hair Day.
 On Thursdays Aaron and Andrew Huffman play together.  Andrew watches. 
 We babysit Julianna Fleming last week.  She didn't like not being the baby.
 Fun Run Day!
 Abigail's class was fierce.  They were the second biggest fundraisers in the whole school and they get a private class field trip to a jump house place!


 And lunch
 Andrew fell asleep in the car...
 And then he woke up!
 Love this boy!

 Lunch with a friend at Jason's Deli.  Dee and Papa brought him this onesie from Italy.

 Pictures of my favorites


More lunch!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

And the rest...


Abigail is still obsessed with art and painting.  This was one morning before school

I still have lunch with each kid once a week and I'll do it until they don't want me to

 The kids had a picnic lunch Saturday
 Aaron about to pitch for the first time



 The last game was Sunday and they won making them the leaders of the league


 They had a pool party.  In November.  It was hot.
 This week the kids have fun days for their big fundraiser and yesterday they were supposed to wear a country's colors.  Aaron was so excited to wear his Ecuador jersey


Lunch yesterday.  Abigail has on a t-shirt from Greece that Dee and Papa brought her

Pictures of the baby

Oh I love to take pictures of this one!  And he is quite a show boat in public, too.  He loves to make people laugh!























More Halloween Pictures




On Halloween the kids' school has a What You Dream to Be Parade.  Aaron dressed up as a baseball player and Sis was an artist

 Andrew and I had lunch in his pumpkin onesie

 Buckets and treats ready
 It was cold so Abigail wore Elsa since it had long sleeves and she made her own crown


Andrew wore Aaron's first Halloween costume because it was warm





Here is Aaron in the same costume




Abigail in a Halloween  t-shirt giving Andrew some love

Monday, October 30, 2017

Fall School Pictures

First and Third Grade

And the other stuff

 We had some doctors appointments last week.  Andrew sure gets dragged around, but he has an alright time



Saturday's baseball game was cold and we were bundled up.  Fun fact: my brother gave those shoes to Aaron when he was born


Saturday Sorry playing

Sunday's game was not cold, but Andrew was in his PJs because this was a stop between nap and Trunk or Treat and I just waited and changed him at the park

 Today we had breakfast with Janice

And lunch with Sister