Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Week

Sunday October 23, 2011
Jory and I were in the nursery at church for two services Sunday. Can I tell you that all of the babies in the nursery were completely chilled out except for Miss Abigail? While all of the other babies hung out quietly observing, Little Miss was everywhere. Seriously. Everywhere. This child is a trip!
Apparently I didn't take any pictures Monday. It was a great day, though. We had MOPS in the morning and then our last Ladies Bible Study in the evening. We will be starting a new study after the holidays.
Tuesday October 25, 2011
Abby on her way to pick her brother up from school.
Wednesday October 26, 2011
Aaron took a long nap on Wednesday and Abby didn't, so she had the house to herself all afternoon.
Thursday October 27, 2011
Aaron has taken to feeding Abby and he is actually getting quite good at it.
Decked out in his 'costume' from the school festival.

Friday October 28, 2011
I felt like we had done a lot of running around this week so we took it easy Friday.
Saturday October 29, 2011
Abby decked out in Halloween clothes minus the socks that she took off in the car so she could eat them.
Kim came and kept the kids in the afternoon so that I could go see Ann's daughter, Rachel, in the American Girl Fashion Show. It was so neat!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Festival

Thursday was Aaron's Fall Festival at school. Kim came and stayed with Abby so that I could go to the Festival with Aaron and then work at part of the Festival.
This is not Aaron. This is Andrew, my sweet friend Elizabeth's son. Aaron loves Andrew.

This is Aaron's class patiently waiting to try the bounce house. Those are pumpkin tattoos on their cheeks.

The first Bounce House was really for older kids. It had a rock climb in it that went up to a HUGE slide. Aaron was the only one in his class able to climb it. Then he got to the top and wasn't sure he wanted to be there, but he did come down that slide. I was proud.

This is a rope of rings that the kids hold on to every time they go somewhere. It keeps them all in a line and accounted for. Aaron is definitely a child of habit. He always grabs the same ring and is just waiting in the ring line while all of the other kids are getting gathered up and situated.

Aaron was a 'Happy Camper'. This isn't his Halloween Costume, but I thought that was too cumbersome for his teachers and these PJs are so cute! John picked them out when he and Kim were in Jackson Hole recently.

Aaron in the 'Acrobatics Station'

They were pretending to be airplanes in the 'Motion Room'. They were mostly confused.

It was such a fun time and it was so sweet for me to see Aaron interacting with his friends and teachers. The school did a great job with the festival.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our Week

Okay, this isn't from this week, but I thought it was funny. Aaron has to have a change of clothes in his backpack at school in case of an accident. I have an Aggie Outfit - basketball shorts and a matching jersey shirt. A couple of weeks ago Aaron got wet on the slide on the playground and the teachers decided to change his shorts - just his shorts. So he came home in his collared shirt and basketball shorts. Good look, don't you think?

Tuesday October 18, 2011

In honor of the Rangers starting the World Series on Wednesday Aaron wore his jersey to school. My husband has repeatedly pointed out that our children do not know what it's like for the Rangers to NOT be in the World Series. When he was growing up, he didn't know what it was like for the Rangers to have a winning season. He's not kidding.

Cutie Pie while Aaron's at school
Wednesday October 19, 2011
I knew Fall would eventually get here! This is Aaron (in a coat!) gathering leaves! He would fill up his little bag and then take it to the trash can to empty it and start over.
Later on we went to Kohl's to get Aaron a pair of non-sandal brown shoes. Being that it's fall and all. He insisted on pushing Abby. Luckily she's a tough girl.
Thursday October 20, 2011
There was a fundraiser at the Chick Fil A in Hurst that several of my friends were involved in. So we headed there for dinner. Aaron gets SO excited for Chick Fil A. Even though he only eats cole slaw, milk and the tomatoes off of my sandwich.
More than Little Girl gets to eat there.
Friday October 21, 2011
I cleaned all morning, so Aaron had to occupy himself quite a bit. He is VERY into pictures. He LOVES to look at photo albums and scrap books. And he loves to be given pictures to look at and organize. He will arrange and rearrange them and tell you who is in every one and what was going on that you can't see in the picture.

Little Girl occupying herself. Likely laughing at her brother. One of my favorite things right now is how much Aaron talks to Abby. He keeps her up to date on everything. It's a running commentary all day long:
Do you see those backhoes, Abby? See what I made, Abby? Do you want some cereal, Abby? Do you like those tomatoes, Abby? Not my book, Abby; here's your toy. Do you want to go Night Night with me, Abby? Did you have good Night Nights, Abby? You're okay, Abby. Do you want to watch me play outside, Abby?
We did get out in the afternoon and got Aaron's haircut...again...that boy's hair grows fast!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Go Rangers

The family was in Full Ranger Gear tonight.

I didn't get a great picture, but I did get a cute video of Aaron doing The Wash. I couldn't get it uploaded here, but you can view it at this link:

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Kim and John returned yesterday from a week-long vacation. We decided to show up at the airport and surprise them when they arrived. I am SO, so sorry that I don't have a picture of Kim when she saw her Little Man running towards her! I didn't get very good pictures at all, but it was a good surprise and Aaron was very proud of himself!

Dee and Papa brought Abby this hat!
And Aaron got this one!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

8 Months Old!

Sweet, sweet Abigail, you are eight months old today. How is it possible?
You are still the sweetest, happiest baby! And you are a girl on the go! You still love to be held and you will crawl to people and beg them to pick you up!
You love all vegetables and like most fruits, but not pears. You still love mixed grain cereal. You eat almost 100% of your daily calories at dinner. You are eating three meals a day with a nursing and you have three additional nursings during the day.
You take two naps totaling about 4 hours a day. You sleep about 12 hours a night.
You wear 9 or 12 month clothes and size 2 or 3 diapers.
We love you!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Best Books

This is a post that I have been meaning to do for quite a while. Aaron loves books. I mean, he LOVES them. A book is one of the best gifts for him. He is so very excited to get a new book and he always wants it read over and over and over...and then he memorizes it. He can 'read' most of his books from cover to cover. When you read to him he knows exactly when to turn the page. He also knows if you skip a word. He also knows who gave him most of his books. He prizes them. But while every new book is a favorite, many of them eventually lose their luster. But there are a handful that have been loved every day for many, many, many days. And when one of those happens to be fun for us to read (or, at least, not annoying) all the better. Add to that the ones that teach something and you've got a winner. So, since I feel myself to be uniquely qualified to review children's books (as I have read more than several people's shares in the past two years) here are my favorites. Happy Christmas Shopping.
Silent Night - Originally given by the Fishers. Replaced by Grandma Sheri and Grandpa Tom
This book lights up and plays Silent Night (no words). Each page has a verse that starts with Silent Night, Holy Night, but the verses do not follow the song. They are sweet. Aaron got this before he was one and he still really likes it. It has pictures of animals and the baby Jesus. It is a good book and the lights and music are a hit with babies, but not overwhelming at all. It is a board book and it holds up incredibly well. The batteries do die, but you can get replacements for free (plus shipping) from the publisher. Once, however, the book stopped working and the replacement batteries did not bring it back to life. So a second book was bought, but the first one had been used A LOT, so I really don't blame it. You can get this online or at Target. There are also other books along the same line, but we don't have any of those.
Big Red Barn - Given by Dee and Papa
Love this book! It is very simple. There's no lesson to it, but it's fun to read and Aaron really likes it. This is one that he reads, Cover to Cover, a lot. It is also a board book and holds up well. Books that don't hold up well did not make this list because I don't consider that to be a stellar kids' book.
My First Toys - Given by Grandma Beth and Grandpa Mike
This is a baby book. It has one picture and one word on each page, but it is very good for the younger set. This was the first book Aaron could read and he was so proud of it.
Baby's First Bible - Given by Grandma Sheri and Grandpa Tom
Aaron got this before he was born and it has been wonderful! It also comes in Blue and Pink, but we didn't know Aaron's gender before he was born. He is now getting to the point that he can move a bit beyond this baby Bible, but it has been so good! It has simple stories - Noah made a boat and God made it float when water covered the Earth like a coat. Aaron loves his bible and it's because of this book that he knows who climbed a tree, etc.
Baby Einstein Alphabooks - Given by Dee and Papa
This is a set of 26 books - one for each letter of the alphabet. Each one has three pictures and words that start with the letter. The books are small - for little hands and Aaron knows his letters because of them. I don't recommend these for those under one year old. They get scattered and it is hard for young ones to get them all back in the box. But Aaron sure loved these when he was learning his first words.
Little Blue Truck - Given by the Cottons
LOVE this book! So cute and SUCH a good point! Highly recommend.
Baby Bug Magazine - Given by Grandma Beth and Grandpa Mike
This is an awesome gift! Aaron got this for his first birthday and it has been renewed ever since. He LOVES this. When a new Baby Bug comes in the mail, watch out! Each issue consists of several short stories and poems. They are great.
Snow Day - Given by Grandma Beth and Grandpa Mike
This is Aaron's all-time favorite book. It is the infamous 'Backhoe Book'. There are 55 flaps, so unless your child is very careful with books this may be something that should wait until he's 2 or 3. It is just a cute story and Aaron loves all of the flaps. Each one has something to read under it.