Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Aaron was a fisherman for Halloween!
We thought he was about the cutest fisherman ever!

His daddy dressed up as a fisherman to match him!

We went to Trunk or Treat at our church and Jory did a trunk out of the back of the truck. Aaron and I drove separately so that we could go home early. Here is some of the candy we handed out.

Aaron stayed in the back of the truck while we were there instead of actually Trick or Treating. He enjoyed being with his daddy.

He started to give out candy...

But he decided to just organize it instead!

We hope you had a fun Halloween Weekend!

24 Weeks

As of yesterday, I am 24 weeks pregnant. I remember feeling so relieved when I reached this point with Aaron because at this point a baby can survive outside the womb with medical intervention. It made me feel like we were in the 'Safe Zone'. The top picture was taken today. The bottom picture was taken at 24 weeks with Aaron.
Miss Abby gives me lots of signs that she is alive and kicking! She is an extremely active baby. She is actually more active than Aaron was and seems to be stronger, too. Makes me a little nervous about the next 16 weeks...HA! Abby went absolutely crazy last night when Moreland hit a homerun during the World Series. It may have been because I screamed, but it was quite the show whatever the reason.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


These are the pictures from Kate's Birthday Party Saturday. The above picture shows that Aaron quickly found the sandbox! Below is his First Merry Go Round Ride!

Driving a big fire truck!

Busy in the sandbox

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Project Life Tuesday

It's time for Project Life Tuesday.

Tuesday October 19, 2010

Look at this Happy Guy! Tuesday was our day to stay home and clean and just be. Wednesday October 20, 2010

We had BSF and then hung out together all day. For some reason, this is the only picture I took.
Thursday October 21, 2010
We met Braysen and Laura at Chick-Fil-A and had a great time! The highlight was when we went into the play area and Aaron was distressed over the fact that the kids in there had all put their shoes on the floor instead of in the cubbies where they belong. He meticulously went about rectifying that situation much to the amusement of many adults. He certainly likes things in their place and he enjoys his projects.
Braysen is just adorable! I forget how much they change week to week at his age until I see him! I love it!!

Friday October 22, 2010
We took the day off today and just chilled at the house until the evening when Aaron went to Grandad and Mimi's. This is the only picture I took all day - Aaron on his way to Mimi's (and Grandad's, too, except that he chants 'Mimi' the whole way there). He had a great time with his grandparents and we are blessed to have them.

Saturday October 23, 2010
We went to Tyler for Sweet Kate's 2nd Birthday Party! It was so fun! They had it at the Brookshire Wildlife Museum which Aaron loves. The kids played on the playground for about 45 minutes and then got to go into the museum. Aaron just ran around the museum pointing to each animal and saying 'Oooh!'. He was the entertainment of the party. I had a great time visiting with my friends and Jory got to spend the morning with Tommy which made his day. It was a great day for all of us!

Sunday October 24, 2010
We met Kimmie and Papa John at the zoo!

Monday October 25, 2010
We went to Kimmie's house for the day and found that the sandbox had a new addition to it:

The other side was done when it was built in April and the two ends have '1 2 3' on one side and 'A B C' on the other. Way cute!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Major Events

When I was pregnant with Aaron I kept a record of World Events that occurred. There were some biggies (an African American was elected President of the United States, for instance), but we may have topped all of them during my pregnancy with Abby. This weekend the Texas Rangers advanced to the World Series! If you don't live here, you may not understand. The Rangers came to our town the year Jory was born. In that time, they have not so much as won a Post Season Home Game, needless to say a Post Season Series. Any time the Rangers have been mentioned in the same sentence with World Series it has been as part of a really bad joke. The town is in Pandemonium. It is a site to behold. We went to the zoo Sunday (the Big Win was Friday night) and Jory said he saw more people wearing Rangers T-Shirts that day than he has in his entire life combined. That's pretty sad considering we been to a few actual Rangers Games. Papa John went out Saturday morning and bought all the boys Rangers shirts so that they can watch the World Series in style. I feel very Bandwagon-y putting a Rangers shirt on Aaron at this point since in his 19-month life span that is close to the only sports team he has not owned a shirt for!
In other Abby Pregnancy News, you can now see Abby kick if you stare at my stomach long enough. This is way earlier than it occurred with Aaron. I think it is so fun! Some people think that's weird, you know, to watch your stomach jumping but I love it. And in other Major Events, Aaron ate chicken! Seriously. This is actually a huge event in our household. We just sit and stare at him in shock and awe.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Aaron gets very focused on his Projects! They tell me that in the church nursery, too. He'll get involved in something and everything else disappears. The top pictures are of one of his many Rock Projects. This one involves moving rocks from a bench to the cup holders from his stroller and back again. (He removed said cup holders for this purpose). Every time he moves the rocks he takes care to arrange them perfectly.

Yesterday he went into his room and started organizing his hats. He came out wearing this knit cap his Great Grandmother made him last year!

The last project involves cheerios and lots of different containers. This was an rather involved project!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Aaron's Room

Kelly is doing a tour of nurseries and kids' rooms on her blog today and I thought I would join in. I kept meaning to take pictures of Aaron's room since we moved and I haven't done it yet. These two pictures are the view from his doorway. The people who lived here before had their son in this room and had done it in a Western Theme. The woman, Alli, had painted the barbed wire border on the walls and she left the horseshoes and stars hanging for us. Aaron's nursery had been done in Burgundy and Denim and it matched perfectly, so we went with this theme.
The crib skirt, valence and diaper stacker were made by my friend Ann before Aaron was born. I ordered the checked pillows to match and the cream pillow was one I had. I says 'Always Kiss Me Goodnight'. We got the Cream quilt in Gruene. The shelf was mine and it holds Aaron's
Birth Announcement and some Willowtree pieces we received for him. Dad and Sheri sent the letters that spell Aaron's name. They were white and Jory painted them to match. I had this coat hanger and the knobs looked really good with Aaron's room so we decorated it with Western Gear that Mimi gave us. We are doing a Western Theme for Aaron's 2nd birthday party and we found really cute invitations with horseshoes that look just like his room. I am going to put this cowboy hat on him and take a picture to have put on a cake for the party! Below is a picture of a barbed wire switch cover that Kimmie found and the prayer that we bought Aaron in Washington, DC before he was born.

This was Papa John's dresser (so was the bed). It is decorated with lots of western items, but you can't see them very well. The picture frame was made by a friend of mine. It says 'Buckaroo' and matches the room. There is a holder in the shape of a saddle that Mimi gave us that holds lots of Aaron's little things.

This wagon was Grandma Sheri's. It holds two monogrammed blankets that Aaron loves.

The closet has horseshoe door handles that Kimmie found.
So there's the tour. I also put a couple of new family friendly dinner recipes here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My friend Rebekah's husband has a great website for College Football. Jory checks it frequently and comes home to tell me about Flint's picks and opinions. The website also has tailgating recipes and a section for women. It's a great website and you can check it out here.

Project Life Tuesday

It's time for Project Life Tuesday.

Tuesday October 12, 2010

Aaron got his fifth haircut.
He looked so cute when he was done!
Wednesday October 13, 2010
Before BSF we met some friends at Chick Fil A.

Thursday October 14, 2010
Aaron looked so cute this day in his new Big Brother T-shirt, but I didn't get any pictures! He spent most of the day home with Brooke while I visited my friends Jessica and Tommy in Dallas. Tommy had surgery Monday and I wanted to see them before they went back to Tyler.
(Yes, those are rocks on his high chair tray. He was entertaining himself while I worked on dinner.)
Friday October 15, 2010
Off to Kimmie's for the day! This is a dark picture, but Kimmie is shaking the sand out of Aaron's clothes!

Saturday October 16, 2010
We had such a good time at Emma's Birthday Party!

Sunday October 17, 2010
Work day around the house!

Monday October 18, 2010
After MOPS Aaron played outside for a while with his Ro-Ros.