Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I got the sweetest package from Grandma Sheri (and Grandpa Tom) yesterday! As soon as I opened it and started pulling out baby girl clothes I asked Aaron who they were for. He said "Baby!" So cute. Jory loved the Grandpa onesie and the one below says 'Grandma makes me happy'. The matching pants have little ruffles and they are so cute. We are still pretty overwhelmed by the idea of ruffles and bows and, you know, STUFF.

This is just a whole bunch of little onesies with matching ruffle pants. One of the onesies says 'I make Mommy happy' and one has cute daisies on it. Y'all, these things are so small - they are Newborn size. Aaron only owned two newborn outfits. We had not received hardly any clothes before he was born because people were waiting on a gender. He wore each of those newborn outfits exactly once and they were like wetsuits. HA! I assume that having a girl and having her early will produce a newborn-sized baby, whatever will we do? She'll seem so fragile compared to her brother!

Grandma included a shirt just for Aaron and a little note for him. He loved it!

This weekend Kimmie gave us this little outfit. I love that it has a matching bib!

I woke up in the middle of the night the other night thinking, 'Earrings! Are we going to have to pierce her ears? When do we do that?' This girl thing is a little strange to us!

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