Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Day!

After one month, ten days of trying, here is Aaron's smile - finally caught on camera.

Update: This outfit came from Kimmie. I love it because orange is my favorite color. All day that he was wearing it I kept commenting on how cute he looked! He's sitting in his Winnie the Pooh bouncer. I just take the toys off of it for pictures. He had another bouncer, but we sent it to Kimmie's for when he's there and then we bought this one. I LOVE Winnie the Pooh. My aunt got him the CUTEST Winnie outfit and I had it already for him to wear to his first day of his new daycare today (Monday) and just as I was about to take a picture he spit up ALL over it. Definitely to the point that I had to change him which hardly ever happens. I was pretty bummed. I am having a wonderful time with all his "new" clothes now that he has graduated into 3-6 mo outfits. It's a whole new wardrobe for me. I don't get near the pictures I would like, but I enjoy dressing him up anyway. On yesterday's post the plaid outfit was my nephew's. He's got a couple outfits of his and they are WAY cute. The yellow outfit is a hand-me-down from a girl in Sunday School. She gave us a bunch of cute boy clothes (her baby is a year older than Aaron). So Mr. Aaron is always up on his fashion!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Trying to Catch a Smile

Aaron smiles all the time now. Big, full face smiles. Of course, when the camera comes out he stops. He just stares at the camera and you can't get him to smile if he can see it. So, we've yet to get a full smile on film. But here are some partials that we caught.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Turn Around is Fair Play

He's almost smiling for the Buckeyes! He wants to be the kicker for the Buckeyes.
Here is how Aaron entertains himself. He kicks Winnie. Winnie flies backwards and when he swings forward, Aaron punches him. Then he waits for Winnie to stop swinging and he does it all again.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gig 'Em

My dad bought Aaron this outfit the day he was born. I love it because it has a matching bib and socks. I work every day to find a bib and socks that go with whatever Aaron's wearing, so this outfit is a dream for freaks like me!

At some point during the days I was in the hospital having Aaron, Papa John decided that we needed some patio furniture so that Aaron could enjoy the backyard with us. When we got home from the hospital we had new furniture! Today the weather was perfect to take advantage of it. Aaron slept in it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Catching Up

Here are some pictures from a while back that I haven't posted yet.

These are from last weekend.Aaron met his great grandparents! And he spent a good portion of the weekend being held by Papa John.
These are pictures of the Bed & Breakfast that Jory and I stayed in for our anniversary three weekends ago. That's right - we spent the night away from the baby (okay, it was only 11 minutes away from the baby, but still!).Aaron did AWESOME. He was in very good hands, but he still made us proud! Our friend Debbie stayed with him. And, as luck would have it, Debbie is a photographer! These are some of the amazing shots she got that weekend:

She said he was a great subject! I am sure she is lying to me. I am quite certain that he would not cooperate for someone else's picture taking when he objects so strenuously to mine!
Speaking of that. Here is a picture taken where I ALMOST got his smile on camera.

Seriously. The boy does not do photo ops for Mommy!

But look! He found his feet!

This outfit is a 3-6 mo outfit that was a gift from his great grandparents. I think it's awfully cute! And the socks are Trumpettes...Kris and Terri sent us a whole box of them! Awesome.

Staring at his feet.

So, we are in a bit of a clothing dilemma. Weight wise he's a 3 mo and height wise he's a 6 mo. So in order for the legs to fit him, the rest of the outfit is a little baggy. That 's probably more comfortable for him, but it doesn't make for very nice pictures!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We had Aaron's two month check up today and we confirmed that he is a big boy! At 25 inches, he is above the 95th percentile for height. Here is his lanky self in a 3-6 mo outfit provided by Grandpa Tom and Grandma Sheri. At 12 lbs, 3 oz, Aaron is in the 50-75th percentile for weight. He is healthy and has hit all his developmental milestones. He doesn't have to go back to the doctor for 2 months.

We also confirmed that Aaron is not related to either Jory or I. He handled his immunization shots like a trooper! Mom and Dad would not have fared nearly as well. He screamed like a mad man when we got him naked to weigh him, but shots were no big deal...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Two Months and Big News

Happy Birthday Aaron! He's two months old today. I wasn't able to take pictures this morning, so these were right before bed and he looks tired.

Now, the reason I couldn't take pictures in the morning is because I had not gotten Aaron his birthday cake yet! you have any idea how tired you can get during your first week back at work? I am a Zombie! Anyway, I didn't get Aaron a cake. So, this morning I could not take pictures. I wasn't at all sure when I would get Aaron a cake since I go to daycare at lunch. My husband, whom I just LOVE, indulged me by taking HIS lunch break to go buy Aaron a Happy Birthday YUM! Cupcake AND he bought him candles for the cake. There are two on it. He tried to get a big '2' candle, but they were all out of '2's! Anyway, can you believe he did that?

Now look at this little sleeper. It's about the cutest thing ever. Friends of Kim and John got it for Aaron. But, we've only had it a week or so and I think we are going to have to retire it! It's a 3 Mo sleeper and would you look at how tight it is on his long legs? It's gaping on one side and it looks like a wetsuit on the other side! I noticed this week that his 3 Mo onesies are getting tight, too. Wow. He is a growing boy! I think I'm going to have to start putting him in 3-6 Mo outfits this week. I'm very cool with that, though, because it's a whole new set of photos to take! I'm sure Aaron will love it.

And now for the gift Mommy and Daddy got today. If you have been reading this blog for a very long time, you know that when I got pregnant we started looking at daycares for Aaron. And then I had a major meltdown because the best daycare in town (which is in a church) and the daycare at our church (also good) have eighteen month wait lists! I don't know how you are supposed to get an infant into them unless you have quite a premonition. But, anyway, we got on the wait lists and knew God would put us there if He wanted us to be there. We also knew, though, that enrollment isn't until August, so we would have to send Aaron someplace else May though July regardless. So we settled on the place where he is now and we do have friends that go there and it is a fine daycare, it just wasn't our first or second choice. We found out last week that we didn't make the August enrollment at either of the churches and we were disappointed but continued to pray. This morning, I got a call from our FIRST choice. One of their families is moving and they have a spot for Aaron JUNE 1! Even earlier than if he had made the enrollment. And the timing is perfect because it matches the amount of notice we need to give his current daycare. We are so, so excited and blessed. We just thank God for answered prayers. Like this one...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

This is my son and my husband at church with me! What more could I ask for on Mother's Day? And my men looked SO good. You have to see this outfit Aaron was wearing!Look - it's a little Polo shirt and pants with frogs all over them and a matching belt ANDLook at the shoes! How fancy is that? My aunt and uncle and cousin and his wife got Aaron this outfit and I have been dying to do a photo shoot. Doesn't he look like the Little Man?By the way, these shoes are for six month olds. They FIT Aaron. For real. They're not just hanging on there, they fit him. And look at the head control in this picture! Tummy Time at its best. I think he'll crawl soon - HA!
Serious man.

Morning with Daddy.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Look what Aaron Made Me

for Mother's Day!

It's a pot with real soil in it. And he painted it to say Happy Mother's Day 2009. And then he put a picture of himself on a cut out flower and wrote a sweet message! The daycare said he did it ALL BY HIMSELF! Jory said that's almost unbelievable, but I knew he was precocious.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eight Weeks and a BIG Night

I don't have a lot in the way of good pictures of Aaron on his eight week birthday because my time frame was pretty limited this morning, but I do have BIG news!

Aaron slept through the night! 7pm until 4am - nine consecutive hours. He ate and then he slept until 5:30 which is his normal wake time. I wish I could say that Jory and I slept nine consecutive hours, but we were too busy checking to make sure the baby was still breathing!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A New Twist

Aaron added to peeing when we are changing his diaper this morning. This morning, he peed during bath time. This is ironic since I have bathed him every single day and it's never happened to me. Jory bathed him this morning and Aaron peed. Apparently, he peed everywhere. It covered Aaron's face AND it got in Jory's coffee. I think he drank the coffee anyway, though, he needed the caffeine.

Monday, May 4, 2009

First Morning Success

Well, Sara and I dropped Aaron off for his first day of "school" this morning. We did surprisingly well, especially Sara. She was so strong and positive, and I could really see her faith shining through. We had a good, albeit busy, morning. We talked last night about what needed to get done this morning and what time we hoped to be loaded in the car and on our way. We both shot out of bed and got right to it (probably nervous energy). Aaron slept really well last night, which helped. He was sweet this morning for his feeding, bath and awake time. He got sleepy before we left, so I handled him while Sara got herself ready. We finished everything and got out the door when we had wanted to.

I'm sure Sara will want to fill in the details of dropping him off and getting him settled. The short story is that he seemed to be fine with where he was at. The ladies in the nursery seemed very nice and attentive, and he seemed comfortable with them rocking him. He was almost back asleep when we left.

As we've said all along, we will try this situation and see how it works. God has blessed us with options, and if this is not what we are supposed to do, He will show us. In the meantime, He is giving Sara strength, grace and courage, and I am so proud of her!