Friday, May 15, 2009

Catching Up

Here are some pictures from a while back that I haven't posted yet.

These are from last weekend.Aaron met his great grandparents! And he spent a good portion of the weekend being held by Papa John.
These are pictures of the Bed & Breakfast that Jory and I stayed in for our anniversary three weekends ago. That's right - we spent the night away from the baby (okay, it was only 11 minutes away from the baby, but still!).Aaron did AWESOME. He was in very good hands, but he still made us proud! Our friend Debbie stayed with him. And, as luck would have it, Debbie is a photographer! These are some of the amazing shots she got that weekend:

She said he was a great subject! I am sure she is lying to me. I am quite certain that he would not cooperate for someone else's picture taking when he objects so strenuously to mine!
Speaking of that. Here is a picture taken where I ALMOST got his smile on camera.

Seriously. The boy does not do photo ops for Mommy!

But look! He found his feet!

This outfit is a 3-6 mo outfit that was a gift from his great grandparents. I think it's awfully cute! And the socks are Trumpettes...Kris and Terri sent us a whole box of them! Awesome.

Staring at his feet.

So, we are in a bit of a clothing dilemma. Weight wise he's a 3 mo and height wise he's a 6 mo. So in order for the legs to fit him, the rest of the outfit is a little baggy. That 's probably more comfortable for him, but it doesn't make for very nice pictures!


Spicy Magnolia said...

Those pictures are wonderful! Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you all had a nice getaway. It's hard to leave our little ones, isn't it? I love the Gig 'Em post, too. You all are getting some great shots of your little boy!

Melissa said...

My little ones do not take good photos for me either!! I know that you are enjoying every ounce of him. He is a cutie!!!