Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chuck E Cheese

 Dee and Papa came to see the kids when we got back from Ohio.  They asked if we would like to go to lunch and Aaron chose Chuck E Cheese.  I'm not sure Dee and Papa expected that!  Dee said it had been 30 years since she had been to a CEC!  The kids had such a good time and I think Dee and Papa enjoyed it, too!


The end of Dressing for December

 This was Abby's second outfit yesterday.  I didn't get a picture in the first one!  She found her sunglasses yesterday and was so proud!
 Today I put a brown gingham dress on her.  Kim bought it to be a Fall dress, but it reminds me of a gingerbread house, so I counted it for Dressing for December.
 She's wearing the brand new brown shoes she got in Ohio for Christmas from Grandma Sheri.  She desperately needed them.
 And, with that, a Happy New Year to you!

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Weekend

 This is also dressing for December, Days 28 and 29
 Jory had a Cabela's gift card to use so we went shopping this weekend.  We've only been there once and it was a long time ago.  We always go to BassPro but Cabela's was really fun.  There were a lot more fish and animals to see.
 Abby wore her Minnie Mouse slippers


 Abby's Christmas shirt said "who needs mistletoe when you're this cute".  It used to be Aaron's.
 Also this weekend we went to have Christmas with Grandad and Mimi.  This dress was Katie Grace's.  Everyone loved the snowmen.
 The kids got fun things from all their aunts and uncles and cousins.


And look what Aaron got!

 Both the kids had fun hats in their stockings.  The tail on Abby's cat comes up when you push its ears.

Abby found princess stuff in the play room!


 We had a really good weekend after Christmas!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dressing for December Day 26

 The day after Christmas we got out early to beat any crowds.  We ran a few errands that needed to be done and ate lunch and then we came home for naps and a day of playing with our new Wild Animal Park.  A fun, relaxing day!

Christmas Day

 Sweet Pea first thing in the morning!
 Reading the Christmas Story from the Bible
 Santa left a note and he ate his cookies (that Aaron decorated) and drank his milk
 Aaron found a picture of the Wild Animal Park he wanted.

 Finding the actual park took him a bit longer.  He walked right past it at least once.

The kids LOVE this.  They have played with it so much.  It was a really good gift.

Grandma Beth took us to the airport and we got to eat lunch with her.

 On the bus at the airport.
 Abby in her third outfit of the day.  :)

 At home in our Jammies looking at the picture book Grandma Sheri made.  Abby asked to go to bed at 5 pm and slept for 14 hours.  Merry Christmas!


We truly had a wonderful week

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Eve

 We woke up to a dusting of snow. 
 Abby was soooo excited!  Until she fell in it. That did not please her.


 We went to Doug's house to see the kids' gifts and Abby put their stockings on her feet!
Then we went to Barnesville for the day to spend time with Grandma Beth and Grandpa Mike
 We had a great time and then went back to Grandpa Tom and Grandma Sheri's to get ready for Santa

Aaron wrote a great note to Santa and signed both of their names.



 Santa left the Wild Animal Park that both of the kids asked him for!

December 23

This was a great day!

 We started out by visiting my cousin and her daughter Madelyn.  The kids love them!
 Then we spent time with my grandma.  It was so much fun!  She sang to the kids and they danced.

 After that we visited my brother's newest store and got some coffee.
We stopped by the best bakery ever for some fun treats and we picked up some yummy local pizza on the way home for lunch.

While Abby napped Aaron decorated Christmas cookies with Peyton and Grandma Sheri

When Abby got up she got to snuggle with Peyton

And with Buddy

We went to the coolest place for dinner.  A State Park lodge.  It was so fun and good.


And afterwards we got to swim in the indoor pool.  What a brilliant idea!

A very good day!