Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stuff about the kids

This is also dressing for December days 16 (which had two outfits due to a pumpkin butter mishap) and 17.

 Abby always sleeps in her Minnie Mouse slippers.  At nap and at night.  And they stay on all night.  Aaron can not stand to sleep with anything on his feet.  Abby calls her slippers her Mickey Shoes and she also wears them out. 


 Last night Aaron said, "Mama, since I ate all my dinner can I have carrots with ranch for a treat?"
 The kids drink a glass of grape juice every single day.
 Abby is not someone I would consider diligent or structured or disciplined, but she is incredibly particular about her room and her bed.  Everything has to be just right before she goes to sleep.  Things in her bed are arranged a particular way before she lays down and if anything in her room is out of place she wants it corrected before she rests. 
 Aaron is like that, too, but he's like that about everything all the time.
 Aaron makes his bed every morning and it's the cutest thing.
 Aaron and Abby play together so sweet and I love to hear them thinking up things together.
This is the cutest stage for the two of them together. 

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