Friday, December 6, 2013

Dressing for December, Days 2 - 6

 I absolutely hated sending this boy back to school Monday.  I soaked up every second I could when he was home.  the time off school means so much now. But he was so excited to go back and I watched him run in with his friends without looking back.  On Monday, Abby and I went to Mom's Group and every single person who saw us complimented this candy cane dress.  It was Katie Grace's and she wore it last year.
 On Tuesday she wore this to school.  It has a hem that can be let out and I'm hoping for another year with it. 
 On Wednesday we had lunch with Aaron.  Aaron absolutely loves it when we have lunch with him. 
 On Thursday the cold front had hit so the long sleeves came out.  Abby also got her 'report card' Thursday and did great!  She meets expectations in everything (except for the sitting still through a whole story, she's 'growing' in that area).  I was really proud of her because every single one of those skills is off the charts from where she was six months ago.  But what really cracked me up was the teacher's notes.  "Abby is a very confident little girl!  She is very determined to finish any task at hand is so proud when she has finished.  I love her independence!"  What a sweet way to say Abby is a handful. 
 And here is the boy.  He went to the Science Fair at school this week and had a great time.  He is learning so much and having so much fun doing it.  I can't believe everything he know.  He is starting to read and write and spell.
 Today was a Snow Day, so day 6 of Dressing for December was PJ Day!
 Loving these snowflake thermal PJs. 
The tree behind the kids is our Meaningful Christmas Tree.  We don't have a lot of traditions but we have always done an advent calendar and we love the Meaningful Christmas Tree.  The kids can't wait every morning to do a Meaning Christmas!  Aaron has amazed us this year with how much he retains of the bible stories and how well he does answering the questions.

The only other Christmas Tradition I think we have is going to pancakes with Santa at the Grapevine Fire Department.  My FAVORITE thing.  EVER.  And I love looking at the pictures each year and seeing the kids grow and change and get more comfortable with Santa.  But, Pancakes with Santa has been cancelled this year because of the weather.  I am so bummed. 

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