Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dressing for December, Day 10

 School was cancelled again today, but we need to get out briefly so we did get dressed.  The main roads are okay, but you have to get to them.  Our neighborhood is still quite difficult to maneuver and the walking to and from the car is something special.  The sun is out today, though, so things are looking up.
Our sweet babies have had so much fun together.  We have Christmas books that we pull out once a year and Aaron has been busy reading all of them to Abby.  They have also been making up games which is so sweet to watch.  Yesterday they played a game called "we have a box to pick up at the Elliotts" for about 45 minutes.  It involved taking, and picking up, a box of various items at the Elliotts' home.  I got on the phone with Julie (Elliott) and we realized that this is actually what she and I do.  Probably three times a week I have something to drop off or pick up from the Elliotts and vice versa.  Since we've been on lock down for coming up on a full week, the kids must have been missing our runs to the Elliotts!

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