Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Andrew 31 Weeks

 We had a great doctor's appointment today!  Andrew is about 4 pounds and doing perfectly. 
In two weeks we start our weekly appointments!

At the end of December we will schedule his birth

 We're getting everything in place
 And I really don't feel like this but I do want to meet him and it is funny.
 We saw a little hair today!

He's measuring very average to slightly above average (except for his head which is above the 97th percentile - like all my kids!)  He has been taking more than his fair share of iron so I started supplements today, but everything looks great!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Abigail wanted her picture taken with her daddy before school because they matched (they didn't).
 Taking in the gingerbread houses
 Aaron lost his fourth tooth and it came out when he was at school.  I got to see the space at lunch


Polar Express!

We had a family fun Saturday!

We went to the IMAX at the museum in Fort Worth for a PJ Party and Polar Express Watching!  The kids read Christmas books in the car on the way.

Hot chocolate!


Ready to watch!

It was so fun and after we explored the museum for a little bit.  Dino Dig!
We went to lunch in Fort Worth and then came home to rest and enjoy the rest of our weekend at home.

Decorating for Christmas

We spent the day after Thanksgiving getting ready for Christmas!

 Tree decorating



 Working on their gingerbread houses for school.  They did them all by themselves and were such intense, hard workers!


 Hot chocolate and Christmas Music for decorating time!



All done!
 Looking for more ornaments!


Ready for Christmas!

 Andrew's first ornament




Thanksgiving was a very low-key, sweet day
The kids watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and they were soooo into it!  It was so sweet!  They got excited over every float.  I love that!  We had 'dinner' really early, so Abigail and I had made everything on Tuesday and Wednesday and I just had to pop the turkey in the oven, so we really relaxed and played games and watched the parade until Dee and Papa came for lunch.
Jory picks the menu for all of our holidays with a mix of old and new recipes.  This was a new one and it was really good.
Kim brought flowers for the table which, of course, Aaron set
We had turkey and gravy (old, standby recipe that Jory loves), dressing (new recipe which replaced the one I've made for ten years and was excellent), cranberry sauce (old, awesome recipe), carrot soufflĂ© (old, awesome recipe), Brussel sprouts with cornbread croutons (new awesome recipe), fruit, salad, rolls with home jelly, potatoes and corn.  With pumpkin lemon cream cheese chess pie for dessert.  Almost all of the recipes are from Southern Living.


Minnie Mouse

Abigail wanted a Minnie Mouse invitation for her birthday party so I took pictures of her in her mouse ears which is what we've done in the past.
She was soooo picky.  She had a problem with everyone - her hair needed moved, her bow was crooked, whatever.
I really liked the one above and she hated it!
I think the one below is what she chose
Her invitations came out really cute, though

This is just a sampling of all the pictures we took!