Friday, December 30, 2016


Today has been the first day of Christmas Break that we haven't left the house at all.  Usually we don't leave much so this has been unusual.  The kids are loving be home and in their PJs.  Sis wanted to bake so she found a cupcake recipe in her Strawberry Shortcake book and did it mostly all by herself!  She just loves this stuff!









Christmas Break

We've had so much fun over the holidays!  I love having the kids home and I just adore their ages!

 This was from the day we went to Trains at Northpark.  We ate lunch at Bread Winners and it was great!  The kids' menus were inside children's books that the kids could read after they ordered.  Genius!


Baking cookies for Santa


We went to Christmas Wish at Chick-Fil-A on the 23rd


Baking Christmas Morning Bread in her swimsuit and underwear on Christmas Eve. Her dressing for December was the red velvet dress she wore to church that night. On Christmas Day she wore a black velvet dress to church.
 Finished his Hover Tank from his grandparents!

Painting up a storm!
 Decked out in her new stuff!
 Seeing Moana on the day after Christmas at the Dine In Theatre

 She didn't Dress for December this day so she wore her new Frozen PJs to bed with the snowflakes on them.  I count that!
 I loved this display Jory did this year


On the 27th Jory was hunting and I took the kids to lunch at Spring Creek with a gift card I have had for a LONG time
 Sis LOVES corn on the cob


That night we went to 12 Days of Christmas at Night at the Arboretum.  The kids love this!!!



Aaron loves the map and leading us through the displays


Sis wore her Santa PJs to bed for Dressing for December
 December 28th
 The kids having breakfast by the fire on the 29th





Lunch at Chipotle with another gift card



New dress she found on clearance at Gymboree




Thursday, December 29, 2016

More Christmas Eve and Christmas

 My brother always wins the best gift awards!  Abigail got a puzzle she could color and a stamp set that only works on special paper!  She is in love!

 But not as in love as Aaron is with his present from Uncle Doug!
 On Christmas Morning we had cranberry bread and breakfast pie after presents and before church



And we prepped for Christmas Dinner.  The butter yeast rolls and lemon coconut cake were hits!


This was Sissy on Christmas Eve making the bread (in her swim suit and underwear)
 The Christmas Spread.  The ham is the recipe I always make, but I think everything else was a new recipe and it was all great!


 Sis LOVED her school set!

 Before Church in a brand new bow from Grandma Sheri



Aaron got a football signed by Ryan Tannehill from Dee and Papa
 All the boys got matching shirts
 Sis got new Frozen PJs - in purple, of course!


 Oh I have so many pictures to go through, but this is a sampling from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 
 These were before church on Christmas Eve.  Abigail found this dress in a sidewalk sale this July!


Abigail was so excited to leave milk and cookies for Santa and Reindeer Food for the reindeer

The gifts - A school set for Abigail, a Tie Fighter Lego Set for Aaron and a baby safety/care kit for Andrew.  And some surprises in their stockings just like Abigail asked Santa.

 Christmas Morning


The milk and cookies were gone and a note was left



 Abigail was confused by the orange in the bottom of each stocking
 In Andrew's stocking

 We had breakfast and went to church and after naps Dee and Papa came over.  More pictures to come!