Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Dressing for December, Week One

Oh how I love dressing Abigail for Christmas.  Every year I think I don't have enough Christmas clothes to make a month, but it always stretches.  We will see.  A lot of what she's wearing this year she has worn for several years and this will be the last year.  So we will see what the future holds for Dressing for December and I will enjoy it while I can!  I am also really enjoying the season this year as the kids are old enough to participate in and enjoy a lot of the goings on!

 On November 30, Aaron and his best friend Luke got to go to a 2nd Grade Camp Party at one of the teachers' homes.  They rode horses, went for a hike, made S'mores and drank hot cocoa.  It was super fun.

After that they went to a Christmas Festival at Luke's church and Aaron loved the snow hill!

December 1!  Kim brought Abigail two super cute Christmas outfits on Thanksgiving and this was one of them.  Love!
 Lunch with Sis!


On the 30th I was diagnosed with Anemia, which explains a lot and I started taking supplements and drinking grass.  It's horrible but I feel a lot better!
 Yeah, we don't do Elf on the Shelf and I can't understand why so many people do.  We do the Giving Manger, though, which I LOVE and so do the kids!  We also do A Meaningful Christmas and Advent Calendars

The kids had breakfast with Jory at school on Friday the 2nd for All Pro Dads.  The theme was College Day, but Sis had a field trip and had to wear a Dragon shirt.  Jory called and told me that a former Cowboys player spoke.  Aaron got in the car after school and excitedly told me that a former Dolphins player spoke.  (The player played for three teams, two of which were the Cowboys and the Dolphins, it's just funny how my boys identified.)
 Since Sis couldn't wear Christmas clothes to school her Dressing for December was her snowflake PJs Grandma Beth got her last year.


Saturday the kids made molasses cookies.  It was a new recipe from Southern Living and they were SOOOO good!  I'm obsessed! 

Sis wore this snowflake outfit from Kim and John.
 We got new stocking on Saturday!


 The kids' stocking are the exact same as what we had before but we couldn't get the same color so we just got three new ones.
Saturday night the Woods' kids were here and everyone had a blast!

 Julie brought me Sleepy Time Tea Saturday.  I have now slept 4 nights in the past 7 months.  Three have been this week.  Julie is claiming the tea.  Jory is claiming it's getting the anemia controlled.  I don't care what it is!
 Sunday Sis had a party at Chuck E Cheese.  I am loving this Gymboree sweater I bought this summer on the $5 rack.  It's coming in very handy!




 Monday the 5th



The kids are very into Uno right now!  And I love this shirt from Grandma Sheri so much


Tuesday the 6th in Reindeer

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