Thursday, March 23, 2017

This Week

I am so in love with this kid. I am constantly sending Jory pictures and videos of him.  This was when he was napping in his crib.  He is so smiley right now - such a joy!

Aaron has been complaining about his eye sight lately so he had an eye appointment yesterday.

He needed glasses though he won't have to wear them all the time.  He had fun trying on frames.

He chose Dragon Green ones and got to wear them from the doctor's to school.  He said they helped so much!

I also needed new glasses and was sending pictures to Jory.  His favorite was different than mine.  I went with his.


The kids are still completely enamored with Andrew.  Aaron is sooo good with him.  Abigail was playing school with him today.
I don't want to forget how small he was and all his milestones.  I love love love spending time with this kid.

Believe it or not it's Easter Bucket time!  I am trying to get Andrew a similar bucket made.
I had lunch with Aaron today.  It was a lot of fun.

I came home to this package from Kathy and I took a picture of the wrapping because I was so in love with it and I wondered if she had done it or if a store had.  When I opened the package I learned that the wrapping paper was vintage - it had belonged to her mom, Mama Kelley.
And inside was THIS!!!!!
Which prompted this.


This morning I found this.  I love my sweet creative Abigail.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More Pictures

My dad or Sheri took this when we were getting our newborn pictures made and sent it to my mom. I saw it when she was here and thought it was good.


Aaron at his dental check up.  All was great!
Love this Biography of Aaron from his Open House


Daddy was trying to make Andrew smile for the camera

At the park Sunday after church

Lunch with Sis on Monday
Aaron's birthday dinner with Dee and Papa at Howard Wang's Sunday night

Well Check

Andrew had his two month well check Monday.  First we went to my Mom's Group and he slept through it which I was pleased with.  Alas, he did not sleep through his doctor's appointment. He got his two month shots and was none too pleased.
 He weighed 10 1/2 pounds and was 23 inches long.  Basically, Aaron at birth.  So pretty small for a two month old.  He's in the 10th percentile for weight and 40th for height.  He was healthy but maybe a little behind on some developmental goals, mostly because he's little.  He should catch up! 

St. Patrick's Day

 We had an eventful St. Patrick's Day. The kids had check ups at their Pulmonologist and they both got pretty good reports.  Abigail is going to start allergy shots. 

Abigail is weirdly obsessed with taking pictures of Andrew's feet



Abigail is also in love with doing workout videos and she positioned Andrew to watch.


And then this happened!!!! 
 She has been waiting for this day for oh so long!!!

More Spring Break Pictures

 Abigail and Aaron made cupcakes and decorated them
 They made one of them Aaron's Birthday Cupcake
 Abigail had birthday money from Grandma Sheri and Grandpa Tom and she bought herself and her American Girl Doll matching outfits.  She is over the moon about this
 My mom was here for a week.  She had not met Andrew yet and it was great that the kids were off school and could spend time with her.

 We also met the Woods at the park one evening but I don't have pictures of that.  It was really fun, though.

Chuck E Cheese is our favorite School's Out activity!


Abigail also made and decorated cookies.  She loves to bake and she makes these recipes from scratch from one of her very own cookbooks.
 She designated one of the cookies Aaron's Birthday Cookie.  He's getting lots of birthday mileage!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Two Months Old!

On Sunday, Andrew turned Two Months Old.  It seems unbelievable!  He went to church for the first time and we went to the park with our Supper Club from Sunday School afterwards. 

He weighs 10 1/2 pounds and is smiling and cooing!

Sleeping through church.  He slept through Daddy's Sunday School lesson, too




After church


In his Uncle Doug's outfit




Seven and Eight Weeks




 Andrew at Seven Weeks Old

And Eight Weeks Old