Thursday, March 2, 2017

More Pictures

Some of these were from early in February but they didn't get downloaded when I did all the posts last week and some of these have been taken since the download.

This was Andrew's very first Valentine.  He also got one later from Dee and Papa.
 Abigail's Birthday Dinner
 Abigail's School Valentine Party
 Baby Love
 Lunch with Sis in February
 Andrew's birth announcement
 This is what is in Aaron and Andrew's room now
 Some of the (about 100) cards we got celebrating Andrew's birth!

Brotherly love


Aaron pushing Andrew to the park Friday
 Abigail in an outfit of mine that my grandmother made
 Aaron is his Dolphins sweater


Sharing a cheese box at Starbucks

Loving the sweater

 This is my favorite outfit.  He wore it in the hospital and it's a newborn size so it's on its way out so I put it on him almost every day.  It's Kissy Kissy and it is SO soft.  All of my kids came home from the hospital in Kissy Kissy! Andrew actually got a monogrammed Kissy Kissy blanket in the mail this week in the same soft blue material and I love it so much


We had Dee and Papa over for dinner Sunday and Sis set the table fancy.  She was so proud.  She also chose the recipes and cooked almost everything herself!

Lunch with Aaron this week
 Lunch with Abigail this week
 Six week cuteness

Abigail in a sweater the day after she wore sleeveless.  This week has been one extreme to the next every day!

The kids wanted two lunches this week.  This was today.
 Also today. I love that they still want me to have lunch with them and they tell me all about their days.  I have been able to keep up with my weekly lunches even with Andrew's birth (well, one week my parents covered for me but that's cooler anyway) and I am so glad about that. Love these kids and their stages!

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