Friday, May 29, 2015


 So, I have been having actual panic attacks over our calendar for the month of June.  It makes me sooo sad because I miss my babies so much and I know we are right around the corner from them being big and busy of their on accord and I feel like this is my last chance to just hold them tight and read them books and do nothing but soak them up.  And when I see in June booked I get all teary-eyed.  I'm just not good with busyness anyway.  I keep a lot of margin in our schedules, so seeing everything converge in June took me aback when I'm feeling so nostalgic anyway.  But I hope it will just make me more deliberate in the time we are spending together and more present in every moment with these precious gifts of God.  And, hey, at least one day in June will be spent at the Happiest Place on Earth! 

Lunch Pictures

Well, this isn't a lunch picture.  It shows what our living room looks like and will probably continue to look like until next weekend when our Sunday School Class shows up to do a service project.


A little Starbuck yesterday



And, lunch today!  I love lunch days with the kids. 


I am quite certain that my boss or his Mama has something to do with this banner at Johnson Elementary
Lunch with Aaron!


More Nostalgia

Aaron brought this home from school this week.  I just can't believe his year is almost over.  I ate lunch with him today and I will again on Wednesday which will be his very last lunch as a Kindergartner. 

I was going through my blog posts from last summer to see what we did in our Summer of Fun and what we wished we had done.  A lot hasn't changed.  Aaron is still obsessed with maps and Legos!  I noticed that every single outfit Abigail wore last summer is still in her current rotation and actually seems to look bigger on her now.  She has grown three inches in one year and not gained any weight.  Her BMI actually borders on underweight, but she eats and eats and eats.  She is just so, so, so active! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Oh, some catch up

We haven't had a ton going on lately and I've seriously been in a crazy amount of denial over the school year ending and my kids being one year older and it's all just slowed the picture taking.
On Friday I was gone so Dad did Ice Cream Day Duties.  They both earned their cones.  They went to a different Basking Robbins than we go to.  When I got this picture I just loved how happy they looked.
Aaron got a new super big Lego Set.  He earned part of it and paid for part of it.  He has had a great time playing with it. 

We did have an exciting thing happen this past weekend!  Aaron lost his first tooth!  He's been wanting to sooo badly. 


It had just came loose on Friday and on Saturday it came out when he was playing.  No blood!  He was excited to get a tooth brush and a dollar from the tooth fairy.  He put his tooth in a special tooth pillow that was mine when I was little.

On Saturday Jory went to a meat smoking class with his friends and then we all met up to sample the goods.  I took a pie. 

We broke out some red, white and blue on Sunday.
Abigail also got a brand new back pack and lunch box from Julie that she has barely parted with since.  She wears that backpack everywhere (with nothing in it) and eats her meals from her lunch box. 


A little pie eating
On Monday we did absolutely nothing.  We did not leave the house.  It was the first time I can actively remember that Jory was off work, there was no school and we had nothing going on.  Even on Sundays we have church and Saturdays, this was a treat.  I think I didn't process that Monday was a holiday or we probably would have planned something but this was Soooo nice.  Jory did some yard work, I worked on my lessons, the kids made up games and played them.  And it ended up storming like crazy so a lot of plans probably got cancelled anyway. 
On Tuesday I went to a taping of a show that Jen Hatmaker is going to be on when her book is released in August.

Abigail ready for school.  Notice new backpack and lunch box.


Today I had bus duty and it was so sweet and I took this picture.  I am seriously wanting to hold onto these littles forever!

I don't know when I took this, but it was to show Julie that Abigail was eating AGAIN or STILL or something.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The End of Kindergarten

Can you believe this??? I honestly have no words.

Random Pictures

 Abigail and I babysat this week and I loved this sweet picture.  She is soooo good with littles!
 Her teacher recommended these box books for her emerging reading and she's so proud of them.

 She dressed herself to go to target.  Yes, she did.


 The kids had May Madness/Field Day last week.  It's a FUN day wear the kids wear swim suits and there are giant water slides, pools, slip n slides, etc.  They had a blast, but apparently it's changed a lot since we were in school. 



Monday, May 18, 2015

The Zoo

The Dallas zoo has a Dinosaur Exhibit right now. 


We're members, so we can go an hour before general opening on Saturdays when there are special exhibits.

And we could ride the T-Rex Express for free!  Abigail rode it twice.  She was so full of wonder.
 There were life sized Animatronic Dinosaurs throughout the exhibit.  The moved and made noise.



Touching the dinosaur eggs

 Dino Dig

After the exhibit we saw the rest of the zoo
 Aaron was with us, too.  He was very busy reading the map and guiding our course.




Thursday, May 14, 2015


On Sunday morning we took one more walk on campus






The Century Tree where we got engaged
The kids had a blast playing here





On the way home we stopped in West for a Kolache and a Texas cookie
 We had brunch at Black-eyed pea


We also found out that the tornado that came through Grapevine and Southlake that morning missed our house.  And it was crazy, because just three houses away the streets were a mess and so many trees and fences are gone.

 Abigail earned a marble prize and got to go to Toys R Us after nap

This was a wonderful Mother's Day.  I told Jory it was best ever.  :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

College Station, Day Three

 Saturday was a fantastic day!
We started with breakfast at Blue Baker where Abigail bought me this cookie
Then we headed to the Bush Presidential Library and Museum.  It was wonderful!  I have 100 pictures.  We couldn't believe how much the kids loved it.  We were there two hours and we had to drag the kids out of there.  They would have stayed all day!












 I have twenty pictures of Abigail on various computers in this library!






This replica of the White House is a child's size house.  The kids can go inside and watch a movie.




 We ate lunch at C&Js Barbeque and it was really good

We went to two really fun stores and then headed to an Aggie Baseball game!



There was a really fun playground that was covered and you could see the game from it.  Abigail played on it some while Aaron watched the game.

 Saturday night, a babysitter we know kept the kids while I got a Mother's Day Dinner at one of my all time favorite restaurants, Christopher's! 


 This was such a good day!