Monday, May 4, 2015



We had a very fun, but busy weekend. 
 We do almost nothing on the weekend the first four months of the year and then Jory's work schedule changes and the weather changes and church stuff changes and school changes and we are off and running. 

 On Saturday morning we had family pictures made.  We haven't done the kids' 4 and 6 year picture that we blow up in their room each year yet.  I also have really wanted to have some family pictures made with Abigail wearing this dress of mine and we don't have a ton of time (even though I was two years old than she is when I wore it).  It's not super long on her. 

We went to Woodshed for brunch.  Aaron is reading now and is very into chapter books.  I think he reads one or two a day.  He takes them with him everywhere and is always walking around with his nose in a book.
 Abigail loved the cow with the real bell
 And the river


 We had a Noah's Ark birthday party for Bennett after that.  It was at a play area called the Ark at a church in Coppell.  It was super fun.



 The kids had a great time playing.


 Everyone went home and took a three hour nap while I met a sweet friend for a Chai.

 The kids woke up just in time for the Derby

 After church on Sunday we had a picnic in the park by the Grapevine Botanical Gardens with our Sunday School class
 It was a really fun lcoation





 I had an afternoon meeting at church and after naps the kids helped Jory do a ton of stuff around the house.  It's beginning to look like summer!


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