Thursday, May 28, 2015

Oh, some catch up

We haven't had a ton going on lately and I've seriously been in a crazy amount of denial over the school year ending and my kids being one year older and it's all just slowed the picture taking.
On Friday I was gone so Dad did Ice Cream Day Duties.  They both earned their cones.  They went to a different Basking Robbins than we go to.  When I got this picture I just loved how happy they looked.
Aaron got a new super big Lego Set.  He earned part of it and paid for part of it.  He has had a great time playing with it. 

We did have an exciting thing happen this past weekend!  Aaron lost his first tooth!  He's been wanting to sooo badly. 


It had just came loose on Friday and on Saturday it came out when he was playing.  No blood!  He was excited to get a tooth brush and a dollar from the tooth fairy.  He put his tooth in a special tooth pillow that was mine when I was little.

On Saturday Jory went to a meat smoking class with his friends and then we all met up to sample the goods.  I took a pie. 

We broke out some red, white and blue on Sunday.
Abigail also got a brand new back pack and lunch box from Julie that she has barely parted with since.  She wears that backpack everywhere (with nothing in it) and eats her meals from her lunch box. 


A little pie eating
On Monday we did absolutely nothing.  We did not leave the house.  It was the first time I can actively remember that Jory was off work, there was no school and we had nothing going on.  Even on Sundays we have church and Saturdays, this was a treat.  I think I didn't process that Monday was a holiday or we probably would have planned something but this was Soooo nice.  Jory did some yard work, I worked on my lessons, the kids made up games and played them.  And it ended up storming like crazy so a lot of plans probably got cancelled anyway. 
On Tuesday I went to a taping of a show that Jen Hatmaker is going to be on when her book is released in August.

Abigail ready for school.  Notice new backpack and lunch box.


Today I had bus duty and it was so sweet and I took this picture.  I am seriously wanting to hold onto these littles forever!

I don't know when I took this, but it was to show Julie that Abigail was eating AGAIN or STILL or something.

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