Wednesday, May 13, 2015

College Station, Day One!

Every year at this time we take a long weekend vacation with the kids.  My husband plans it and it's a laid back time.  This year, he chose college station.
Since we have readers now, the car ride was pretty peaceful.  Aaron read several chapter books he got from the library the day before and Abigail worked on a Kindergarten Math Workbook my mom had given her.

On the way!
We didn't get there until around dinner time because we had Aaron's Fun Run at school in the morning.  We went to a fun restaurant and ate outside.  We got this greek plate for an appetizer and the kids devoured it.
Driving through campus we saw the new Rev
This was actually earlier in the day before we left town.  Right after Aaron's Fun Run we are lunch at Panera and hit the road.
When we got to the house we rented, Abigail found a doll house.  It kept her very busy and happy!


More dinner pictures
There was a waterfall
Sweet kids enjoyed this meal!

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