Sunday, November 30, 2014

Travel Day

We left for Ohio on Tuesday afternoon.  Every time we have flown with the kids we have taken the earliest flight possible.  It makes sense because our kids get up so early and we can just get going, but it is a long day, too.  This time things worked out to do an afternoon flight.  I wasn't so sure, but it was great.  It actually got pushed back an hour later than we had booked it and the kids got to nap before we left.  We just had a normal morning at home and weren't rushed. 

At the airport we take the bus from long term parking to the terminals.  The kids really love this.
 Once we got checked in our flight was delayed so Aaron and I went in search of a snack.  We came back with pizza.
 Being delayed in the airport is 4,000 times better than being delayed on the plane.  The kids had a picnic and worked on their activity books that they got from Grandma and Grandpa in Florida.


 It was evening when we got in.  Dad took us to dinner and then it was late when we got home so the kids went down pretty quickly.  They had a few moments to play and draw and then it was off to rest.

Thanksgiving Trip


Oh my goodness.  I am overwhelmed by all of the pictures I have from our trip to Ohio.  We celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas in one week and we had such a fantastic trip.  I want to remember every detail. These pictures are actually from the night before we left.  We went to the kids favorite toy store in Southlake.  They just played a bit.  I'm usually ready to travel in advance so I like to enjoy the day before with my kids.  Travelling can get frantic, so I like this little ritual.  I am working on organizing my thoughts and pictures from the actual trip. 


Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas Stuff

Today I had to take some stuff toe Kid to Kid.  We had to wait a long time, so Aaron found a piece of paper and a pen and starting writing down all the cool stuff in the store that he would like to have. 

 Tonight we went to see Santa at Bass Pro and Aaron presented him with his list. 

 Santa was so impressed with the detail
Abigail asked for a candy cane.  And she got one, so Santa's work with her is done.


We had to wait a bit to see Santa, but there was a very cool Christmas train to watch

 And operate





 The kids also made ornaments while we waited.  Aaron's is already on our tree.


 After pictures we rode the carousel





 The kids had a blast











Decorating for Christmas


 So I feel just slightly guilty about the fact the we decorate before Thanksgiving (although truthfully I would have Christmas up all year if I could!), but if we didn't do it know I don't know how we'd ever do it.  We love this day every year with the kids.  They are getting so big and do so much of it themselves.  They even spaced the ornaments on the tree this year.  But Aaron still loves to play with the block set that Kim got him when he was 9 months old for his first Christmas decorating day.
 Abigail spent a lot of time putting babies to bed, reading to babies, feeding babies...

Tree decorating

 Rocking and reading to a baby bear
 Hot chocolate.  We make homemade and the kids love to help.  We did cinnamon this year and it was really good.



This was just a fabulous day.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Gaylord

These pictures will be fantastically out of order because they were taken on three different devises.

Every year we take the kids to the Gaylord for a day at the holidays (which starts mid-November at the Gaylord).  We pretty much have to go this weekend because the first weekend is nuts and every weekend from Thanksgiving on is nuts and December is just plain nuts!  (Busy. Crowded. Crazy.) We picked Abigail's dress and then spent the rest of the day trying to get a good picture in it.  Fail.  But it is GORGEOUS and was given to us!
We always get a picture with Santa at the Gaylord!
And I always swear we aren't doing ICE! because it costs so much for such a short experience, but the kids love it and I found a good discount and Jory said we had to.
Loved this giant snow globe made from ice.  You could see yourself in it.


Waiting to get our Santa pictures
Giant present

Back to ICE!  These are some of the pictures the Gaylord gives you




Yeah, I don't know




Look!  There's a cave!


Aaron could watch the train at the Gaylord for days
Abigail and the fish






More train watching

This was looking at the river

Back to waiting to see Santa.  Aaron asked for a Marble Tower.  Abigail wanted a candy cane.






Frosty in Ice
Abigail was very into it this year.  She could have stayed a lot longer.  Aaron got over the cold a bit quicker.  It is 8 degrees.



Melted Frosty in Ice

Aaron loved the ice fire
Aaron on an ice train
Abigail coming down an ice slide


And Aaron
The kids loved the slides

Love this!

Waiting to go into Ice!  I didn't even try to arrange these








Really waiting to go into ICE!.  Before we even got our parkas.



When we first arrived

Abigail so wanted her picture made here