Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Trip, Day One


This year, the kids and I again went to Florida to spend Halloween with the grandparents while Daddy spent the weekend hunting.
 Last year they wore their costumes on the plane, but I switched that at the last minute this year and I thought they looked super cute in their Halloween outfits. 

 The kids did SO great at the airport!  I decided not to check a bag, so I was carrying a heavy bag with all of our stuff and my purse/bag.  So I couldn't easily hold hands and they had to have their own carry-ons with their airplane things.  They were fantastic at security.  They took off their coats and back packs and put their liquids in a bin.  They were very efficient and we didn't hold anyone up.   When we got through they grabbed their things and found a bench to start putting everything back together.  I walked behind the kids so I could see them and Aaron led, finding the gate and the seats all by himself.  In fact, on the way back, as we were getting on the plane someone stepped between us to mess with an overhead bin.  By the time I made it to the seats the kids were already settled with their backpacks under the seat in front of them.  I told Jory I wondered if they did so well because they knew they had responsibilities. 


We swam as soon as we got to the house (after eating lunch) and then we got dressed for trick or treating.  Abigail was Blueberry Muffin (from Strawberry Shortcake).

Aaron was a police officer. 





Trick or Treat pictures to come!

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