Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer of Fun, Day 55

 We met Julie and Jackson at the Splash Pad today.  Katie is at camp this week.
 It was rainy in the morning and stayed overcast, so NO ONE was at the Splash Pad.  It was super fun for our littles to have the place to themselves.
 We went to CFA for lunch.  Since the Grapevine Chick-Fil-A has an outdoor play area, we had the same seclusion. 
 It was a super fun morning. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer of Fun, Day 54

 These two pictures were taken last night.  We took Mom to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.  It was good.
 Today we went to gymnastics and then took Grandma Beth to the airport.  It was so sad.  Aaron cried and he was still crying when he got up from his nap.
 Tonight Abigail planned a picnic for the two of them to try to make everyone happier. 

More Pictures from Grandma's Visit

These are some pictures my mom took while she was here.  The top one shows the Planes:  Fire and Rescue toys that she got Aaron all lined up. 

Abigail had a great time with a Minnie activity book that Grandma brought. 
 Before church



After church


The Aquarium







An outfit of Grandpa Mike's Nephew's that she brought.  Aaron's cousins have already worn it. 

What a fun few days we've had!

Monday, July 28, 2014

More pictures from today

 We went to Old Navy on the way to the aquarium.  Mom bought the kids several things.

 After the aquarium we had lunch at Panera and it was SO good.  Plus the kids got bagels to bring home.

Summer of Fun, Day 53

My mom took the kids to the aquarium today and she had this picture made.  She also took them to Old Navy and Panera and I have some pictures of that which I need to upload.  The kids had SO much fun and they are resting now.  I also completely forgot to mention that my mom took Aaron to the movie Saturday.  He was so proud to go and show Grandma how it worked.  He bought the tickets all by himself and was such a big, good boy. 

Summer of Fun, Days 51 and 52

 On Saturday morning, my mom and I took Aaron to Asa Vande Zande's birthday party, where Aaron planted green beans!  Abigail was still sleeping from Friday's big day.  She pretty much slept all day, but there was a lot of book reading and toy playing with Grandma.  Jory cooked out that night.  On Sunday we took Grandma to church.  The kids looked super cute but I didn't get any pictures.  I think she did, though!  In the afternoon Jory and the kids took her on a drive around the area and we ate dinner together at home.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer of Fun, Days 49 and 50

Thursday morning we had Bible Study.  We did some shipping at Town Square in the afternoon, but we mostly just so excited that Grandma Beth was coming in that night.  We didn't get to see her much that night so there aren't any pictures from her arrival, but we had a big day with her on Friday.
 Friday was the biggest Summer of Fun Day yet.  Abigail crashed and burned after this day!  It started at the mall with a trip to the Disney store where the kids each picked something out from Grandma.



 After the mall was lunch at Chuck E Cheese!

 Home for naps and then an ice cream treat!
Some play time with our new toys


 And then it was time to party!
We were off to Dalton Cole's party at Paradise Pond!










 What a big, fun day with Grandma!


Summer of Fun, Day 48

On Wednesday morning we went to the library.  After we played on the computers and got new books we actually went to the Story Time. 


They have story time three times a week and we have never gone though I've been planning to since we moved here (which was before Abigail was born, by the way).
 After the library we had the kids dental check ups which is kind of fun since they get to watch movies.  This was in the lobby and I think the movie was Despicable Me
 In the exam room, Abigail chose Bob the Builder
 Aaron chose Thomas.
No cavities makes it a very fun day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer of Fun, Day 47

 Yesterday we went swimming at the Elliott's


 The Savages joined us


 We had such a good time.  And KG was on a liquid diet so no one could eat in front of her, so everyone got homemade jello and popsicles.