Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer of Fun, Day 27

On Wednesday the kids went to the Golz's in the morning. And then they both threw massive fits when they had to come home.  They would live there.  Seriously. 

Before they went Abigail lined up everything in her room.  Her shoes, her bows, her rubber bands.  Rows of stuff throughout her room.  I don't know why. 
Aaron spent the morning rebuilding one of his Lego fire trucks.  He is so into this right now.  He spends hours building and rebuilding.

Abigail dressed herself and she insisted on wearing a coat which Janice said she refused to take off even when they played outside in the summer heat.  The coat was actually mine and it is gorgeous.  She chose a pink bow bigger than her head, pink and white shorts and her 'Princess Shoes'.  They are white patent leather with pink flowers.  She looked like she was going to church.  In 1950.


After the Golz's we went to Target.  Everyone commented on Sweet Pea's outfit.  Aaron had his shirt on backwards.  Bless it.


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