Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer of Fun, Day 28

Today is PJ Day at the Allen House!  Abigail chose Christmas PJs and Aaron is wearing one of his favorite pairs - which is worn out!  He desperately needs new PJs, but I'm not sure he'd wear them.  It was also movie day.  The kids got to watch Disney Nature's Oceans.  Aaron has been dying to see this.  We down loaded it for the cruise, but couldn't get it to work until we got home.  Abigail got bored halfway though, she's not into long stretches of screen time.  She went upstairs and played.  She's in the precious stage of playing and talking and creating a play environment that you hear narrated.  It was one of my favorite stage's of Aaron's.  He plays more quite now, building.
John and Kim are letting me borrow one of their cameras for a bit and I spent the morning reading the manual and playing with it, so I took lots of pictures in different settings. 


My kids were such sweet subjects.

This is Aaron's Lego station.  Abigail is not allowed to touch it, but she loves to watch him work.



I figured out how to use the flash and was trying different things there.  The kids thought that was fun.


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