Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer of Fun, Days 49 and 50

Thursday morning we had Bible Study.  We did some shipping at Town Square in the afternoon, but we mostly just so excited that Grandma Beth was coming in that night.  We didn't get to see her much that night so there aren't any pictures from her arrival, but we had a big day with her on Friday.
 Friday was the biggest Summer of Fun Day yet.  Abigail crashed and burned after this day!  It started at the mall with a trip to the Disney store where the kids each picked something out from Grandma.



 After the mall was lunch at Chuck E Cheese!

 Home for naps and then an ice cream treat!
Some play time with our new toys


 And then it was time to party!
We were off to Dalton Cole's party at Paradise Pond!










 What a big, fun day with Grandma!


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