Friday, July 21, 2017

Mermaids and Other Fun

Unrelated: A half a year of monthly pictures already taken.  Tear. 
I took Abigail and Andrew to swim with Dee and Papa today.  Dee got Abigail a mermaid tail!
She ended up pinning it to her swim suit because it was falling off of her waist, but it worked just fine



Andrew loves the water!

Abigail was out of paint so we hit Toys R Us after naps


And the Kroger.  You can't each vegetables in Ecuador and all you want when you get back is salad.  I texted Jory and told him I was going to the store today and he said "Fruit and vegetables.  That is all."

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Six Months Old

This Little Guy turned six months old today.  This is him waiting for his well check



And with the nurse.  I love our new pediatrician and his whole staff.

Here was me trying to get his Six Month Pictures.  He is SO busy! He had a great check up today.  He's in the 2nd percentile for weight still and he still hasn't doubled his birth weight, but he is staying on his growth curve and thriving in every way so he's just little.  He is average height.  He is rolling, sitting up and trying to army crawl.  He is loving food and still loving his feet.  He sleeps from 7pm until between 5 and 6 in the morning.





Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Everyone had a fantastic day today.  Sis had her last swim lesson
 And then she and Andrew and I met Kim for lunch
That rattle was Jory's

 Sis got a major hair cut.  Two weeks ago she had her first real haircut - she got four inches cut off and it's the first time she hasn't just had her ends trimmed.  Honestly you couldn't even tell.  Today she went and got two more cut off and it was still pretty long so we did two more.  You can definitely tell now!



I took one million pictures of Andrew while Sissy was getting her hair cut because he's just so cute and I now understand how I end up with 400 pictures to download in a month






 The haircut came with a free nail painting.  WHAT?!?

And a ring

And Aaron face timed tonight with news of an amazing event they held tonight where many local women came to Christ.  He was thrilled.  They have had a wonderful trip already!

Monday, July 17, 2017

One More Picture

This was part of our family pictures in May, but it didn't download with the others.  She's wearing my velvet dress.  And now I am caught up.  And I will never get behind again. 

This Week

 Saturday morning love!  These two love each other SO much.  It is definitely mutual and it's so wonderful.
 On Saturday we said goodbye to our favorite missionaries and they headed to Ecuador.  They got to their apartment at 3:30 Sunday morning safe and sound.  They are having a GREAT trip so far!
 Home from the airport.  Goodbyes are so tiring
 Eating the bagel Grandma Beth sent.
 Sunday Oatmeal...
 ...and then bath

Sunday play time
 A fun dinner out Sunday night at Cotton Patch




Sunday night feeding

 The boys in Ecuador Sunday

 Andrew wearing shoes today because Sissy wanted him to







The second week of July

The kids had an Art Show on the 8th. They have also run Chick Fil A and Jamba Juice.  They've had shops, schools and restaurants.  They have played Real Life versions of board games.  They've made beaches and ski slopes.  They've invented Real Life versions of video games.  They have written magazines and books.  They've played family and delivery guy.  This I love about my kids




Slim Chickens on the 10th
Cars 3 on the 12th.  A good movie!
Aaron playing baseball with Andrew Huffman on the 13th
The Harrises came in from Arkansas and we had lunch with them on the 13th


Grandma Beth sent Abigail an American Girl doll outfit and some money

Abigail spent said money on a Melissa & Doug jewelry box that she could paint and decorate