Sunday, July 16, 2017

The First Week of June

June 1 was the last day of school and Andrew and I went up for Aaron's classroom awards.


 On the second we went to Chuck E Cheese.  On Saturday the 3rd, Jory was gone a lot of the day and the kids and I had lunch at Chiloso after buying fidget spinners with Summer money that Grandma and Grandpa sent!

On Sunday the 4th the kids had swim practice at the Aquatic Center and Jory took them while I took pictures of this thumb sucker
 On Monday the kids' bus driver picked the bus kids up in the Sweet and Sassy limo and took them to Braum's for ice cream.  They were SO excited.  Sis dressed for the occasion. 




With their good friend Luke
 On the 6th we didn't do anything special that I recall
 On the 7th we did Feed Our Kids with our church

And then went to Chick Fil A with the other people who had helped

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