Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Some More of May

A Chick Fil A breakfast on Wednesday the 17th with the Golz family
That day we also had lunch with Sis (I'm not sure what's going on with the hair) and...
Just hanging out
Reading time.  Sis had gotten her magazine that Grandma Beth subscribed her to for her birthday.  She LOVE the day her magazine comes!


Can I tell you how many love notes and pictures we get every single day from our girl?  I hope it never stops!

On the 18th Sis was so excited to wear her new shirt from Grandma Sheri.  She said she had wanted it her whole life!
Daddy came home for lunch!


Starbucks on the 19th

New shoes from Grandma!  She's pretty much not taken them off since.
On Sunday the 21st we went to the nursery and Jory worked on our front beds with the kids



Lunch with Aaron on Monday the 22nd


At the allergist with Sis on Tuesday the 23rd




Lunch on the 24th

Chick Fil A with the Huffmans on the 25th



Dying eggs on the 26th.  This was super fun





Then we hid them and hunted them!

 We also played Scrabble this day.  We play a lot of games

 On the 27th we went to the Dallas Arboretum and had lunch at a cool place called the Lot.  There is a huge sand pit for the kids


 Sunday morning cuddles
 On of Aaron's many homemade games.  He is so creative.
 Feeding Andrew that day


A sign we got on our Mother's Day trip.  It's on the front porch now.



Lunch on the 30th

















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