Monday, July 17, 2017

More June

These were taken on June 9.  We have really had a low key summer.  We have gone to the library A LOT and we have read A LOT and the kids have played together A LOT and it's just been sweet.  I try to do a few fun things with them every week but a lot of times we are at the home loving on each other. 


On June 11 Sissy and I had a dinner date to Cracker Barrel.  She was so excited for her one-on-one dinner. 






Target on the 15th
 So Cal Tacos also on the 15th.  We were really early to dance because we had to register and we walked a few doors down and had an early dinner

 Sissy found these glasses and decided she needed them to read.  June 16.
 Sissy and I went to the park on the 17th

 The kids took their lunch outside on the 21st

 Aaron with his new basketball cards on the 21st
 Lunch at Central Market on the 22nd




 Grandad came on the 24th and brought all kinds of goodies!
 Oh we've played LOTS of games, too

Andrew with Katie during Abigail's swim practice on the 27th

 Playing on the 29th



Aaron made his own Clue game.  He actually makes up a lot of games from scratch.  

I tried to get everyone to wear red, white and blue over 4th of July weekend, but there was always someone who didn't get the message!


 Sissy teaching Andrew on the 30th



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