Friday, May 31, 2013

Bubbles Inside!

A little of this, a little of that

A little sweeping
A little sunglasses wearing
A little lemon eating
All in a summer's day

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fun Outdoors

Last Thursday and Friday

Thursday May 23, 2013 Abby and Jacob Golz came over to make mud and play in it.
The kids had a blast!  There was a lot of happy squealing!

We had swim that afternoon and I had to run to Staples first, so here at the kids at the store in their swim clothes.
Abby went down the Big Slide at swim for the first time.
Friday May 24, 2013
On Friday we took advantage of the perfect weather and went to the park.
I thought Aaron looked so cute in this outfit that Kristi Brockett gave him for his birthday.
That night Abby was reading her prayer book and I couldn't get over how precious it was.

We had such a good week!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eating with Daddy

 We try to meet Daddy for breakfast or lunch once a week.
 It is our favorite day of the whole week!
This was at the Snooty Pig, which we had been wanting to try.  We try to go new places each time.  I realized while we were here that Aaron won't be able to come with us very often next year because he will be in preschool.  I can't believe it.  I am glad we took the time to do it this year.  We really kept this year  low key.  It was nice not to be busy and I hope we will all have a lot of fun memories of this year together.

Blog Catch Up

Here are some pictures from the last week or so. These are only the ones from my phone, so there are some holes.
Thursday May 16, 2013.  The kids at swim.  They only have a few more weeks before they are out for the summer.  They have really been enjoying it lately.
Friday May 17, 2013  Target trip. We hardly ever go to Target.  It is really quite the treat.
Saturday May 18, 2013  It was Mama Date Day, so I took Abby to breakfast.

She had the best time.  The whole way there she said, "No Daddy, No Bubby, Mama, Abby."  Over and over.  PS - is that the cutest dress ever?  Dee and Papa got it in College Station.  Love!
Aaron got to have a lunch date with Mama.  He wanted to go to Super Salad, but he couldn't wait until they opened at 11, so we ended up at McDonald's for a very early 'lunch'.
Sunday May 19, 2013 Snappy Salads has been getting quite the reputation since opening a few weeks ago in Southlake.  We finally gave it a try.  Aaron took pictures of me while we waited for the food.
It was very good.  This is Aaron eating ice with a fork.

Monday May 20, 2013 Such a handsome Aggie
Wednesday May 21, 2013
The kids played in the mud.
Yes, I let Abby get dirty in her dresses.  No, I did not know that she would be bathing in the mud.
And this wasn't even the worst of it.  And then Janice called to say they were getting their Oil Changed and were going to be waiting it out at Chick Fil A.  Would we like to join them?  She was impressed that I was able to make it.

The girl cleans up alright.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Sunday

I am obviously a bit behind.
These are pictures from Sunday May 19, 2013
Trying to catch a picture before church

My all time favorite dress.  She's been wearing it since she was nine months old!  I need to compile all of the pictures of her in it.
Playing at lunch at Snappy Salads

Helping Daddy in the yard after nap