Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Beginning of May

I decided that May 1 would be the day to start parading my kids' summer clothes which was hilarious because it ended up almost freezing that night.
I LOVE this outfit (that Julie bought) with the matching hat (and bloomers).   I can already see Abigail on the beach in it!
Aaron has a couple of these outfits from Grandma Sheri and I love them.  I need to look at the brand and load up.  He's going to be so cute this summer.
We try to have breakfast or lunch out with Daddy once a week.  Last Friday Jory worked from home because he had meetings in Dallas.  I was taking the kids to see Dee and Papa, but we met Daddy for breakfast at Deb and Steve's first.  So good.

And please note the turtleneck and sweater on May 3.  Love.

That afternoon, this was delivered to our house.  Jory and I have been considering getting a Pilot for me and one of my friends mentioned that her friend was moving across the country and would be selling hers.  We went back and forth for a bit, but finally pulled the trigger last week.
About that time a stranger had said she was interested in buying our Expedition and we weren't sure about selling it, but were going to let her look at it.  She changed her mind before she came to see it and Jory decided to hang on to the Expedition for a while.  Then in a crazy turn of events on Saturday friends of ours found out we had a new car and they really wanted our Expedition.  They drove it home Sunday before I'd even put key to keyhole in the Pilot.  But everyone is happy, so it all worked out in beautiful timing.