Saturday, May 25, 2013

Family Vacaton

Over Mother's Day weekend we took a wonderful trip to the Texas Hill Country!
It was 100% planned around where we were going to eat and we hit so many of our favorites and added a few!  It's funny because we rented a house and some people say, "Oh.  You can make your own meals."  Whatever.  You people should not travel with us.

The above picture is right before we left on Friday May 10.  We left around 7:30 and had to drop off something at my friend Julie's before we really got on the road.  Our first stop was Hico.  A small town with a sweet little Cafe called Koffee Kup.  They have fantastic pies, but we have never eaten there for breakfast.  It was SOOO much food.  Which, really, was good since it was close to 10 and the kids normally eat breakfast as soon as they get up.  But we weren't sacrificing our restaurant schedule for them!
The drive was beautiful.  We rented a house on a ranch in Johnson City.  That's really in the middle of nowhere, but we had a lot of different towns we wanted to go to and this was pretty central.  Plus, it was Awesome!  62 acres to ourselves with private ponds and a balcony with an incredible view.  There was a deer feeder near the house and we woke up to seven deer each morning.  Plus we saw a fox and lots of nature.
We got settled in, rested a bit and headed to Salt Lick BBQ for dinner.  This was a pretty far drive, but if we are within two hours of Salt Lick my husband will get him there.  It was so, so, so, so good!  And the kids loved running around outside.
Back to the house where the kids went down and we enjoyed a beautiful evening.  The next morning we headed to Gruene, my favorite town in the whole wide world.
Our first stop was the Coffee Haus where the kids got a peach smoothie made with fresh peaches that would knock your socks off and Jory and I had the most incredible coffee.
Then we walked around Gruene visiting the shops.

We met up with our friends the Curtises and the kids had a blast playing in all the open areas in Gruene.  It was so fun to watch them run and squeal.
Tree climbing
Checking out the stage at one of the restaurants.  Jory took a picture of the kids at Gruene Hall, but I haven't gotten his pictures uploaded.
For lunch we (and the Curtises) went to the Gristmill.  I believe I said, "I really love this place so much" about 25 times during lunch.  I really love that place.
The kids loved it, too!  I was so glad.  They also really loved Salt Lick.  I forgot to mention that.  We are training them so well.
After lunch, the Curtises bought the kids ice cream.

It was such a fun morning for everyone!

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Beth said...

LOL at the making your own meals comment. That's why Lakeside was not as popular with me as it was you kids---mama had to cook!
Sounds and looks absolutely wonderful!