Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Last Thursday and Friday

Thursday May 23, 2013 Abby and Jacob Golz came over to make mud and play in it.
The kids had a blast!  There was a lot of happy squealing!

We had swim that afternoon and I had to run to Staples first, so here at the kids at the store in their swim clothes.
Abby went down the Big Slide at swim for the first time.
Friday May 24, 2013
On Friday we took advantage of the perfect weather and went to the park.
I thought Aaron looked so cute in this outfit that Kristi Brockett gave him for his birthday.
That night Abby was reading her prayer book and I couldn't get over how precious it was.

We had such a good week!

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Beth said...

Nothing like mud to make kids happy!
Terrific slide---yeah Abby!
And those photos of her with her prayer book are beyond precious.:>)